Dear Devoted Friend and Dedicated Patriot,

It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the ACT for America Volunteer Activism team.

As you will soon see, your decision to join this growing network will enable you to make a real, tangible difference in the protection of our great nation.  For that selflessness, I am eternally grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today, because of patriots like you, ACT for America is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing national security grassroots organization, an enormous citizen action network that government officials, elected representatives, the media, and academia can no longer dismiss, discount or ignore.

Together, in a unified voice, we are working to protect our nation from threats to its safety as well as to our constitutional freedoms.  In a unified voice, we are speaking out in support of strong and effective national security policies.  In a unified voice, we are drowning out the dangerous and foolish voices of political correctness in the national security arena, voices which place our country at further risk with each passing day.

My team and I are here to work with you each step of the way, as you start and grow as an ACT for America Volunteer Activist.   You will quickly come to know the many tools that are now at your disposal as a member of our action network, including:

  • Your personal Volunteer Activist Guide that will be instrumental in helping you be an effective leader in your community;
  • A growing network of 1,000 other Activist Groups who will be available to guide you and answer questions regarding your new role;
  • An immediate connection with hundreds and thousands of other ACT for America members who will become life-long friends and allies – individuals who share your passion for protecting and preserving our nation;
  • Participation in exclusive Conference Calls, where you will have the opportunity to hear from Subject Matter Experts, as well as state and federal legislators on the front line of national security issues;
  • Exclusive access to a secured Action Center providing tools and resources and more!

We have much work ahead of us, but by working together, we can meet and overcome our nation’s national security challenges.  We have proven this through our many accomplishments to-date, including a growing respect on Capitol Hill, and the passage of multiple state legislative proposals protecting our democracy from ideologies that seek to destroy it.  Our Volunteer Activists have played a major role in all our accomplishments.

So, again, I welcome you to the ACT for America family and I look forward to having the honor and pleasure of meeting you in person.  I thank you for your activism, your involvement, your passion, and your dedication to joining us in this great and noble cause

I am privileged to have you as a Volunteer Activist within our organization because together, we will protect our nation…now and for generations to come.

Always devoted,