Dealing with the Media

Your reporter for the local paper calls and wants to interview you on your group activities and ACT for America. She seems so “friendly and harmless”. What should you do?

Here are a few guidelines:

  • With close to zero exceptions, never give an interview at all. Why? They can edit it! The editing table has a strange ability to turn a very reasonable set of responses into a web of lies, half‐truths, slander and innuendo.
  • Don’t go there. This includes all print media and produced radio and TV shows.
  • The vast majority of “stories” done on the subject of radical Islam and Sharia law are very unfriendly to the truth. The average reporter comes from a world view that fundamentally opposes ACT for America’s mission. Be VERY careful and wary of this tendency.
  • Part of ACT for America’s corporate culture is the phrase: “Making a difference, not just a statement”. Please remember this important point when you are asked for an interview.
  • Rarely will a media interview result in making a positive difference.
  • Do not give an interview if you are not well versed in the subject matter.
  • You don’t “owe” anyone an interview! The best response to a reporter is usually, “I am unavailable for comment.”
  • To be safe, simply inform all media to contact ACT for America National at for all media interview requests.

If you’ve analyzed all the above points and you’re still considering giving an interview, contact ACT for America’s national office for advice on the matter before you commit to an interview with a reporter. In most cases, the national office will handle the interview if one needs to be given. If we do decide you should give the interview, remember to state to the reporter that you are not speaking on behalf of ACT for America, but as an individual volunteer.

Our cause is rarely improved through media exposure and off-the‐cuff interviews. Do not be a media “ambulance chaser.” Some in our resistance movement act like this is the sum total of the required strategy to win the war. They feel front page coverage equates to winning. They will probably look back ten years from now and won’t be able to answer for much progress.