America First: Why Pence Dominated Kaine

pence_kaine.jpgThe recent Vice Presidential debate could not have made the two choices in this upcoming election any clearer. On one end was a smug, politically correct elitist named Tim Kaine, and on the other, a calm, charismatic patriot named Mike Pence.

First of all, it became evident early on that the moderator had lost complete control of the debate. Senator Kaine showed early on what happens when you let a pompous leftist off his leash, by interrupting almost every word out of Governor Pence’s mouth.

Senator Kaine would go on to interrupt a grand total of 70 times throughout the course of the debate.  It would not be unreasonable to believe that his strategists believed their only hope to survive this mismatch was to prevent the American people from hearing any constructive debate between the two candidates.

Perhaps a better strategy for the Clinton/Kaine campaign would’ve been to simply tie Governor Pence up backstage and duct tape his mouth shut because despite these distractions, he remained the star of the night.

Governor Pence reinvigorated the patriotic instinct of “America first.” That’s right, “America first” is a theme that has long been neglected by both parties and has caused our nation significant damage, particularly with respect to national security.

There is absolutely no legitimate reason to allow hundreds of thousands of un-vetted Islamic refugees to pour into unsuspecting American communities. Our nation has suffered a terrifying increase in the number of Islamic terrorist attacks since President Obama has taken office and as a result, we need to put the interests of our fellow citizens ahead of those half way around the world.

If Islamic refugees need to find shelter, a more prudent destination would be nearby Saudi Arabia, they seem to have room.  Contrary to predictable and politically correct assertions by Senator Kaine, Islamic refugees pose a greater risk to our national security than do those of other faiths. We seem to have the Catholic suicide bomber threat under control.

More to it, as the candidates discussed the various ways in which we could defeat ISIS militarily in Syria and Iraq, one should be more concerned about the fact that we are actively bringing in a group of people who ISIS has distinctly declared their desire to infiltrate. What good is victory in Syria and Iraq if we bring the enemy here?

As Governor Pence laid out, Americans deserve better than the policies they’ve been getting, which place their lives in jeopardy in order to appease some suicidal and politically correct fantasy of cultural relativism. All cultures aren’t equal, and as evidenced by the incredibly disastrous immigration crisis in Europe, Islamic culture does not assimilate with Western culture.

Unless we heed the lessons of those across the Atlantic, who are suffering tremendously for their appeasement of an un-vetted Islamic influx, we will follow them down the path of destruction and despair.

It was particularly interesting how quickly the moderator of this most previous debate, moved on from the issue of refugees. An overwhelming amount of Americans are deeply concerned with the policies proposed by Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine towards un-vetted refugees, but have not had even a remotely reasonable amount of time dedicated to this critical issue.

While a significant amount of time was dedicated to debating how to best defend Ukraine from an additional land grab by Putin, most Americans know the real threat is right in our own backyard.

This election presents clear and present choices, which will determine permanently, our ability to defend ourselves against those who seek nothing less than our total decimation. The stakes are too high and we cannot afford to walk blindly into the abyss any further.

If the media won’t address the crucial issues of national security during these debates, it is up to the everyday patriotic Americans to take it upon themselves to educate others about these very serious threats, and help get out the vote this November.

Let’s get back to an “America first” foreign policy that places the safety of ordinary American citizens over the ideology of politically correct politicians, and mainstream media elitists.