America's Enemy Within List

As ACT for America has continued working to defend the security of the United States and its allies, we have come to realize the importance of protecting ourselves from the enemy within. With the continued attacks we face, not only in physical terms, but also on our culture, free speech, and values, it is more important now than ever that we pay, in full, the price of freedom by being vigilant against such threats. As such, ACT for America has compiled a true list of hate groups and domestic enemies operating within our nation.

We at ACT for America believe in the concept of “see something, say something” and recognize that the best way to learn about the various hate groups operating in the United States is to ask our fellow citizens to share what they are seeing.

Please let us know about groups that you believe should be included in our hate list, which you will see below. We will consider all recommendations, but ACT for America will ultimately determine based on our opinion whether we believe an organization meets our definition of a “hate group” or an internal enemy of the United States. At this point, we are only accepting groups, so please, no individual nominations.