America's Enemy Within List Part 2

Our belief is that hate groups in America generally share certain similar characteristics. These include true hatred for specific groups of people for no legitimate reason. An anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi group, or the Westboro Baptist Church may fall under this category.

Running parallel to groups like this are another category of hate groups that work to stifle free speech through intimidation or other means. Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center epitomize this by attempting to publically shame individuals and organizations that have different political views than they do.

We also believe groups that are damaging to our national defense and/or American culture and values fall into this list. National defense is critical to the survival of our nation and so many groups that hate America share a similar hate for a strong national defense.

Hatred from some organizations come from their belief that America is not an exceptional nation and that we should be equal with everyone else. We do not believe this. These same groups have goals of eliminating America’s traditional values and principles while replacing them with a cultural doctrine that essentially makes us into the rest of the world. We are not like the rest of the world. We are America and we will not apologize for being an exceptional nation.

American culture and values are difficult to define; we are, after all, a melting pot. The diversity that has made America great is real diversity. People from various backgrounds and cultures that have come together to assimilate into a single American culture with American values. The unfortunate reality is that we are now more divided than ever before and that is because we have too many people that are refusing to assimilate into American culture. Assimilation does not mean overlooking your traditional values, it means working them into the overall tapestry that makes America.

Again, please let us know about groups that you believe should be included in our hate list, which you will see below and is solely based on the opinion of ACT for America.