Back the Blue Thank You Letter


Back the Blue” is an ACT for America activism campaign focused on building community support for our local police officers. With radical leftist protesters constantly vilifying our local heroes, it is our job to stand up and defend their honor


Below is a Thank You Letter you can sign to show your support for our heroes in blue!

Dear Attorney General Sessions,

Police officers are our brothers, sisters, neighbors, and are woven into the fabric of society. However, our brave heroes are under attack, not only by a culture war that seeks to demonize their very existence, but also by violence and bullets. Since the beginning of 2018, 16 officers have died while on duty. We hope that this petition serves as a thank you to our men and women in blue and, as the head of the Department of Justice, that you will see to it that our police know how deeply they are appreciated. We are all on the same team and proudly Back the Blue.



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