Brenda Arthur

It only takes one person to take a stand and make a difference. We are highlighting Brenda Arthur who is our Charleston, West Virginia, Chapter President.

Brenda has made a tremendous impact in her local community. From testifying in front of the House Homeland Security Committee to making countless phone calls to her community leaders, Brenda has been on the front lines fighting for the sovereignty of our nation. 
Read below for our brief interview we had with Brenda last week!

Why did you join ACT For America?

"I remember how people were in a state of disbelief after 9/11; they could not believe how this terrorist attack happened in the United States. I saw Brigitte Gabriel on television several times and donated to her organization, ACT For America, which passes legislation to fight against the spread of terrorism.

In 2015, I became aware of the vast numbers of refugees being brought to this country under President Obama. This affected me personally, as Charleston, WV, became a target location of the refugee program. 

I wanted to find out how hundreds of people, who are not properly vetted and pose a security threat, could be brought to my town. To find answers to these questions, I decided that I needed to contact a national organization who could give me some advice.  
ACT for America turned out to be that organization. In June 2016, I contacted their national office where I not only found a wealth of information, but also, a network of resources including experts in the field of refugee resettlement. The more I learned about ACT for America, the more I realized I was among so many like-minded people who love this country, and our Constitution. It was at that moment that I made the decision to officially become a member of ACT for America." 

Tell us what work you have done on refugee resettlement

"I began by first educating myself. Then, I proceeded to inform others, including many of my state and federal elected officials. This continues to be an ongoing process, which has enabled me to build relationships with many people and elected officials across the state.

In February 2017, I testified before the House Homeland Security Committee about the refugee program in West Virginia. I presented them with well researched documentation, including a  4-page report that spelled out the economic circumstances in West Virginia. Additionally, I asked the question, “How can we justify bringing impoverished foreign nationals to our state, who would need virtually all forms of government subsidies, when our own people had such great need?” 

One of the most important things I have done -- one of my greatest accomplishments -- has been to inform others of the fact that there is a role for the state in the refugee resettlement process. When I started educating our elected officials, the common response I received was, "This is a federal program. We don't have anything to do with it at the state level". This is far from the truth! I cannot and will not accept “no” as the answer, since it is the same as surrender."

What would you say to someone has fallen into complacency or  who has yet to take action on these issues?

"In most of our country, many people  have been lulled into a sense of complacency. If “it’s” not happening in their own backyard, their own neighborhood, they feel safe. However, I think, under this superficial peace and safety,  we are  still  in the midst of a battle for our country, though, not by tanks, guns, and bullets, but by a population invasion. 
Nothing is more important than the sovereignty of our nation and we must act now in order to stop its erosion
I say to those who do not take action: “You are endangering the future of your children and grandchildren. If we do not stand up and fight, they will never know the America we have known.  Even worse, they may one day ask you, ‘Tell me how life used to be in America when people were free?’”  What will your response be?"


Like many ACT for America Chapter Presidents, Brenda is making a difference in her community. Often times this kind of activism can fly under the radar, but it will be felt in her local community for years. If you, or someone you know is making a difference in your community, we want to know about it! Email with any updates on your activism!