August 14, 2017
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America’s largest National Security Grassroots organization denounces this violent crime

(WASHINGTON, DC, August 14, 2017) -- ACT for America today denounced the violent criminal behavior in Charlottesville, Va. that led to the death of a protestor. As America’s largest national security organization, ACT for America stands squarely with the rights of all Americans to peacefully rally on behalf of their own beliefs, or in opposition to those of others.

“Heather Heyer was murdered for her beliefs, and we join in sorrow with her family and friends. Her killer will be brought to justice, and while that cannot undo what has been done, it sends a powerful signal to the forces of hate and intolerance that they will be dealt with swiftly and according to the American rule of law,” according to founder Brigitte Gabriel.

For their coming “America First” rallies to be held around the country on September 9th, ACT for America has advised participants of their zero-tolerance policy for hate and intolerance, saying in part: “We welcome all, discriminate against none, and require that our members behave at all times peacefully and with honor. Accordingly, any organizations or individuals advocating violence or hatred towards anyone based on race, religion, or affiliation are not welcome at this rally.”

ACT for America is the largest national security organization in America, made up of some 750,000 citizens who have come together to demand that America put the safety of her own citizens first.

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