Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday

Dear Patriot --

giving.pngI hope you were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend with those you cherish the most.

What better way to re-establish why our grassroots movement is so critical, than to spend meaningful time with those we love?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the fight, we forget WHY we’re fighting in the first place.

I Brigitte Gabriel, and all of us at ACT for America, want to ask you to participate in "Giving Tuesday".

Giving Tuesday is about voting with your wallet.

Let me elaborate…

Think of all the wonderful American families that spend their Holidays shopping at stores which do not share their patriotic values, or buying items that do nothing to add to the most essential issues of our time, such as combatting radical Islam right here in our own backyard.

Consequently, as these Americans spend their hard-earned dollars on gifts they hope will bring joy to those they love, they could unknowingly neglect organizations such as ours, who are fighting to ensure a safer future for their loved ones.

Those opposing and trying to suppress our patriotic voice of truth, don't think we have it in us to compete with them when it comes to supporting the causes we care about financially.

Think of all the boycotts that radical groups participate in when a certain corporation doesn't cater to their fringe ideology.

More to it, think of how well financed these radical, anti-American fringe groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are compared to those dedicated to upholding our Western Judeo-Christian way of life.

Billionaires like George Soros think they can bully and silence us into submission, by simply outspending us.

This "Giving Tuesday" we ask for your help in letting Soros and his anti-American allies know that we are a financial force to be reckoned with.

giving2.pngWhat better gift to give your family, community, and country, than the gift of protection we are fighting so ardently to provide?

Whatever personally compels you to take-action, instead of sitting on the sidelines, we need you in this fight.

Please click here to reach our donation page!

We could not have become the largest, most influential Grassroots National Security Advocacy Organization in America without your patriotic generosity.

Your efforts are what built this grassroots powerhouse into the NRA of National Security that it is.

Now, we ask that you continue your “America First” actions by giving whatever you are able HERE.

I want you to personally let you know that your patriotic generosity goes neither unnoticed, nor underutilized.

With a direct line to President-elect Trump through our allies such as General Michael Flynn, Walid Phares, and Rep. Mike Pompeo, our organization is the most empowered to reverse the significant damage that has been done to our National Security over the past 8 years.

If having allies serving as President-elect Trump’s National Security Advisors, and a future CIA Director isn’t enough, we have a grassroots army of over 1,000 chapters and 400,000 members.

Simply put, no other organization can compete with us in terms of energy and sheer influence.

Please join us this Giving Tuesday, as we get ready to make historic and meaningful change to the safety of our nation!


Thank you again for your unwavering support and patriotic generosity. It means the world to me.

Always Devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel
ACT for America