The stakes could not be higher


Dear Patriot --

Nat_Conf(3).pngThe stakes could not be higher for our nation. North Korea is advancing rapidly towards launching a nuclear attack against the United States, radical Islamic terrorism continues to infiltrate the Western world, and violent ANTIFA thugs here at home intimidate and assault anyone who stands opposed to their anti-American hatred.

Despite controlling both the House, Senate, and the Presidency, spineless GOP politicians continue to undermine the promises in which President Trump was elected to fulfill. When are we going to wake up?

I'm through sitting back and waiting for these flip flopping representatives to grow a spine.

The very country I love is being threatened at every angle and I will not stay seated or silent. That's why I need you there with me in Washington this October 2 - 3 for our most powerful National Conference to date.

This is more than a conference, it's a monumental and historic message. It's a message to the media that we're not buying their lies. It's a message to our former failed President that we will not relent in our effort to undue the damage he caused this nation.

It's a statement to our anti-American enemies that we are the majority, not zealots like them. We're going to rattle some cages that need rattling and make some unmistakable noise for our nation.

After this conference, no politician in D.C. will be left wondering where the true pulse of America lies with respect to national security. They're going to be put on notice that we expect their campaign promises to be fulfilled or THEY WILL BE SENT PACKING.

This is your last chance to tell the D.C., the Media, and America's enemies what you think of them. We have to warn you, with all the momentum this year has generated, space is drastically limited.

Those who wish to do more than express their outrage through a keyboard will need to take action immediately and REGISTER NOW.

Less than 10 days remain before the discounted hotel rate expires, and tickets could be sold out well before that deadline! This is a last call for patriots to join me for our nation's future.

What will you tell your children or grandchildren you did to fight back against these evil forces when you had the chance? For me, venting frustration through my keyboard just wouldn't suffice.

Let's band together and send a wake-up call to D.C. that will make a real difference and no one will forget.

See you October 2nd. 


Always Devoted,