ACT! Accomplishments

ACT! Accomplishments

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May 6, 2013

gulen movement schools bribe officials with trips to turkey

Board of Education Victory in Connecticut Will Connecticut become home to the next Gulen-affiliated Charter School? The Connecticut Academy of Math and Science (CAMS), a Gulen School affiliate, unexpectedly pulled their application from the Connecticut Board of Education the week of Monday, May 6, 2013.

Local ACT! for America chapter leader Jane Bate was told by an official at the CT BOE that the school’s application “didn’t score well”. She had been educating this official at the BOE about the negative consequences of approving Gulen schools.

We’ll never know what actually happened, but the bottom line is that ACT! for America’s volunteer network had been gearing up for weeks to challenge the application.

In Jane Bate’s words, “This entire learning process has had the very fortunate effect of serving as a drill for us. We had only about nine or ten weeks to do our research and recruiting of people to testify, etc. Our chapter has learned so much about the threats posed by these schools, we will be ready to spring into action the next time - and I feel sure there will be a next time. (After all, several CT officials were “awarded” with trips to Turkey). Additionally, I will be keeping in touch with the Bureau of Choice Programs at the CT BOE, and will do what I can to educate them on the Gulen movement and schools.”

Special thanks go to our Loudoun County, Virginia team who were briefing the Connecticut team on the recent Virginia victory blocking a similar Gulen school application! The fact is, they were ready. That’s the whole point of our nationwide grassroots network. We strive to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Oklahoma Governor Signs ALAC (American Laws for American Courts) Bill into Law Gov. Fallin Signs Legislation Banning Application Of Foreign Law
After 3 years of road blocks, frustration, and hard work, Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern’s persistence finally paid off as Governor Mary Fallin signed this vital piece of legislation Friday, April 19, which will stop the use of foreign laws when they violate the Oklahoma Constitution.

We celebrate with Rep Kern, whose persistence was rewarded with floor votes of 40 – 3 in the State Senate and 81 – 11 in the House of Representatives! In fact, whenever we get a floor vote nationwide, the representatives of the voters leave no doubt where they think their constituents are on this issue – resoundingly in favor of the protection of our Constitutional rights. This win represents the 5th state in the nation to pass ALAC without one legal challenge. This fact destroys the lie of ALAC’s enemies who claim the bill is unconstitutional and will be challenged in the courts. Over 3 years and counting….no challenge!

April 19, 2013
April 10, 2013

Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Female Genital Mutilation Bill information at Kansas Legislature Topeka Capitol Journal Article: "It took a lot of courage to bring forward a bill like this"
With profound gratitude towards Representative Peggy Mast, the Kansas Legislature and Governor Brownback, we celebrate the passage of HB 2217, which outlaws the Sharia practice of Female Genital Mutilation. This vitally important bill was signed into law on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. The bill passed the Kansas State Senate Wednesday, March 27 on a floor vote of 40-0!

It had previously passed the Kansas House 123-0.

Testimony before the Kansas legislature revealed that there have been at least 50 known cases of FGM in Kansas. Preventing this barbaric procedure represents another important step in stopping Sharia law – a direct threat to the supremacy of the U.S. and State Constitutions.

Free Speech Defense Act Signed by Governor of South Dakota Bill info from South Dakota Legislature ACT! for America helped lead the effort to pass the Free Speech Defense Act in South Dakota, which supports freedom of speech by protecting authors and publishers from intimidation lawsuits filed in foreign countries. This is another major step forward in protecting the Freedom of Speech, which is under direct assault by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), through its support of UN Resolution 16-18.

March 8, 2013
February, 2013

Flawed, inaccurate textbook removed from school Find out more about our textbook project An ACT! for America chapter leader in Washington state helped a student complete a report on Islam. In doing so the chapter leader used the ACT! for America Education report on textbooks to show the student how one of the school’s textbooks was flawed. The student gave the report to the principal, who, after reading it, decided to pull the flawed textbook from use in the school.

Final school board victory in Virginia Washington Post: Loudoun County rejects proposal for school Washington Post: Largest charter network in U.S.: Schools tied to Turkey The Loudoun County School Board felt the pressure put on them from the Northern Virginia community (in large part from ACT! for America members) and voted 8 to 1 to deny the Gulen Charter School application. Board members criticized the Loudoun Math & IT Academy application for its loosely formed curriculum, shaky financial assumptions, and an inadequate transportation plan.

The Gulen Movement schools are part of a rapidly expanding, world-wide network including over 130 U.S. taxpayer-funded charter schools that are using this public money to indoctrinate American students in the beliefs taught by the exiled leader of the Gulen religious movement. They are currently under investigation by the FBI, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Education.

February 26, 2013
January 22, 2013

School board victory in Virginia Washington Post: Proposed Loudoun charter denied application extension On January 22, our Virginia members successfully lobbied the Loudoun County School Board to deny a requested application time extension from a new Fetullah Gulen charter school group by a vote of 6-3! This action effectively puts the group on notice that the school district will not allow special rights or privileges to any group – all will be treated the same without special considerations given. Additionally, this put the overall application in real jeopardy because it was dangerously close to the original deadline. Our volunteer running point on the project said that the many calls and emails that flooded the school board were clearly the difference between victory and defeat on this particular phase of the opposition to this highly questionable school affiliated with the Gulen movement.

Victories in


Helped Malala Yousafzai win Time Magazine's Person of the Year Runner-up Time: Malala Yousafzai, the Fighter Through our large and rapidly growing grassroots network in America and globally, and the outreach from this network to others, we drove votes for Malala Yousafzai to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year poll. This also served to increase public and media interest in Malala’s story, which contributed to her being selected by Time’s editors as the Person of the Year runner-up, getting 5 articles in the magazine, a cover style person of the year photo, and much additional media coverage. We also asked people to vote against Egyptian President Morsi, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, who was considered a favorite to be selected by Time’s editors but instead was selected as the third runner-up (fourth place). In addition, we targeted a major British newspaper, The Guardian, and their Person of the Year Poll. Malala received 70% of the votes on the first voting day and got 2nd place overall with the next closest competitors trailing far behind at less than 3%. The social media of our newly formed Act for Britain chapter played a key role in this. Our “Vote Malala” campaign used email alerts, our website, social bookmarking sites, and sharable images on facebook, google+, twitter, and pinterest, thus also crossing over to other social networks and email.

December 19, 2012
August 2012

Led successful grassroots fight to get ALAC into National GOP platform National GOP Platform (p. 14 ¶ 4 and p. 25 ¶ 1) backup Announcement to members ACT! for America helped win the inclusion of an anti-foreign law resolution in the national Republican Party platform. Hundreds of ACT! members logged on to the GOP platform website in support of proposals that mirror ALAC. A leader of the effort to get the resolution included in the platform specifically referenced ALAC legislation that ACT! for America helped get passed in Kansas.

Helped get ALAC into Nebraska GOP platform Nebraska GOP Platform (p. 7 ¶ 6) backup ACT! for America chapter leaders and members helped win inclusion in the platform of the Nebraska Republican Party a resolution which supports legislation that prohibits any court, administrative agency, or other tribunal from enforcing any foreign law in Nebraska courts if doing so would violate a right guaranteed to Nebraska citizens.

July 14, 2012
May 2012

ALAC Becomes Law in Kansas NY Daily News: "Kansas Senate passes law banning Sharia, other foreign laws from state courts" With near unanimous support, the Kansas version of ALAC was passed in the Kansas Legislature. ACT! for America generated more than 30,000 phone calls and emails to state legislators in support of the bill.

Despite continued efforts by Hamas-connected CAIR to spread disinformation and outright lies about ALAC legislation, as of May 2012 we have yet to lose a floor vote on ALAC in any state legislature. In the fall of 2012 a Kansas court refused to apply sharia law in a case and specifically referenced ALAC as a reason for not doing so.

"ACT for America was a huge asset in getting the ALAC legislation through the Kansas legislature. The AMOUNT of correspondence, whether by email or by phone, was overwhelming for the Committee members making the decision on this piece of legislation. They were inundated with people who were interested in seeing this passed and I'm sure this made a difference in their decision process." -Kansas State Rep. Peggy Mast

National Textbook Study view reportsACT! for America Education completed a public school national textbook research project that examined how over three dozen 6th through 12th grade textbooks treat the subject of Islam. Titled "Education or Indoctrination?", the Executive Summary was mailed to over 70,000 school board members nationwide and the full report posted online.



Opposition to foreign law added to five more party platforms Arkansas GOP Platform (p. 11 lines 17-19) AR platform backup Georgia GOP 2013 ALAC resolution* GA resolution backup* Kansas GOP Platform (p. 2 ¶ 5) KS platform backup Oklahoma GOP Platform (p. 16, § III. H. 3 and p. 21, § IV. D. 16) OK platform backup Washington GOP Platform (§ 16) WA platform backup In 2012, ACT! for America chapter leaders led the efforts in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Washington, and Kansas, to include resolutions in those states' Republican Party platforms either opposing judicial use of foreign law or sharia law.

(*Please note that the Geogria GOP does not have a platform per se but passes resolutions expressing policy positions at conventions.)

Chapter Leader Manual ACT! for America releases our new Chapter Leader Manual, “The Art of Chapter Leadership, An A to Z Guide on How to Successfully Start and Maintain a Vibrant Chapter”. Written by National Field Director Kelly Cook and drawn from decades of experience in grassroots organizing, this work has become the foundation for chapter activity across the world that is “Making a difference, not just a statement”.


Victories in


Released a New Book for Youth Released a new book, "Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam", a 60 page book targeted to teenagers, distributing nearly 2,500 copies in nine months.

November 28, 2011

October 2011

Open the Koran Day Event Event Page During the weekend of October 28 – 30, 2011, over 325 local venues, hosted by ACT! for America chapter leaders and members,conducted an Open the Koran Day event that focused on the Islamic doctrine of abrogation and its application to violent jihad.

Rally for Captain Paul Fields KRMG: "Hundreds rally downtown for a Tulsa Police Captain"Hundreds of people attended a rally, organized by ACT! for America, in support of Captain Paul Fields. Captain Fields disobeyed an order to send officers to a law enforcement "appreciation" event at the Al Salam Mosque in Tulsa, which included attending classes on Islam. As a result, Fields was suspended for two weeks. We delivered the ACT! for America petition, signed by over 53,000 people, to Mayor Dewey Bartlett demanding the reinstatement of Captain Fields.

August 2011

Spring 2011

Terrorism Law and Refugee Resettlement Legislation Breitbart: "CAIR Pressures Tennessee Lawmakers to Drop Key Counter-Terrorism Bill"
TN Senate: "Senate passes bill strengthening Tennessee’s Anti-Terrorism Law"
See the bill at the TN Legislature ACT! for America chapter leaders and members in Tennessee, working closely with Tennessee Eagle Forum, won the passage of a strong Material Support for Terrorism law and Refugee Resettlement legislation.

Sharia Law Booklets Book available here (under contributing member)In less than a year ACT! for America chapter leaders and members distributed thousands of "Sharia Law for Non-Muslim" booklets to elected officials and other local leaders across the country.


1 Million People Per Month Increased the number of Facebook fans across our pages from 20,000 to over 40,000. Using Facebook metrics, our Facebook posts are now reaching over one million people per month. Our Facebook presence was demonstrated when we pressured Everett Community College in Washington state to distance itself from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and schedule a presentation with a speaker from another point of view than CAIR.


Spearheaded ALAC victory in Arizona AZ Legislature DocumentsAn ACT! for America chapter leader spearheaded the successful effort to pass American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) legislation in Arizona. The law prohibits state courts from applying foreign law, including sharia law, in cases where doing so would conflict with the Constitution.

Biased Textbook Removed from Washington State Schools "Pro-Islamic Textbook Suspended From Washington Schools as Propaganda" With the help of a local ACT! for America chapter leader, the father of a 7th grader in Washington state filed a complaint about a textbook that had a strong pro-Islamic bias. In response, the school district suspended use of the book pending a further review.


ACT! Victories in


Spring 2010

Opposing Ground Zero Mosque Reuters: Ground Zero mosque opponents gather 120,000 signaturesNY Neighborhood News "Ground Zero Mosque Opponents Present 120,000-Strong Petition"ACT!: 9/11 family members thank ACT! at rallyACT! for America launched a nationwide media and grassroots effort opposing the Ground Zero Mosque. Brigitte Gabriel conducted over 200 radio and TV interviews, helping inform and mobilize public opinion which culminated in 70% of Americans opposing the mosque. We also delivered a national petition to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office, signed by nearly 121,000 people. The petition was delivered at a news conference hosted by ACT! for America, which included leaders from 9/11 family organizations. The Ground Zero Mosque is now at a standstill.

SQ755 passes in a landslide vote Capitol Beat OK: "State Question 755 would ban use of foreign judicial rulings"SQ 755 was a state constitutional amendment that would have prohibited Oklahoma courts from using sharia law in deciding cases. Although a federal court eventually blocked its implementation, the amendment passed overwhelmingly with 70% support. ACT! for America launched a two-week statewide radio ad in support of SQ755. We also placed a total of 600,000 automated calls to Oklahoma voters with a message urging support of SQ755 from James Woolsey, former director of the CIA.

November 2010
October 2010

2010 Voter Information Guide Voter Guide AnnouncementThe ACT! for America 2010 Voter Information Guide went live on our website. This guide showed the positions of candidates for U.S. House, U.S. Senate, or statewide office (such as Governor) on issues ranging from sharia law to the threat of terrorism. The ACT! staff emailed a questionnaire a minimum of three times to every campaign that had published email addresses. We faxed the questionnaire to campaigns for which we could obtain a fax number. We mailed the questionnaire certified mail, return receipt requested to hundreds of campaigns that did not have a published email address. We also placed over 2,500 phone calls to campaigns to ensure they had received the questionnaire and asking that they return it to us via email or fax.

Rachel's Law in Tennessee The final bill with Governor Bredesen's signature Rachel Ehrenfeld was sued in a British court by a Saudi billionaire who claimed her book about terror financing was defamatory. He has filed dozens of lawsuits in foreign courts in an attempt to intimidate authors and publishers.

In Tennessee, ACT! for America helped lead the effort to pass "Rachel's Law", which is designed to protect authors and publishers from intimidation lawsuits filed in countries outside the U.S.

May 10, 2010
July 2010

Hizb ut-Tahrir conference cancelled Chicago: Anti-Democracy Hizb ut-Tahrir Event Canceled at Marriott Hotel Hizb ut-Tahrir is a transnational Islamist movement described as a "conveyor belt" for jihadist terror, and is banned in numerous countries due to its links to terrorism. The organization was preparing to play a much more active role in recruiting American Muslims at a U.S. Khilafah Conference in a Marriott Hotel in Illinois. After hundreds of phone calls from ACT! for America members, the Marriott Hotel canceled the HT conference and never rescheduled.

Missile Defense Issue Grassroots lobbying successfully changed the debate on the Missile Defense issue. ACT! for America grassroots lobbying on this issue led to the House Armed Services Committee increasing funding for missile defense, reversing the previous cut by the Obama administration. As a House Armed Services Committee staff member said: "A major contribution to our success in getting these important missile defense policies adopted and funding increases has been the continuous support your members have provided. Throughout the year, and last year’s calling efforts in particular, ACT! for America’s members have continued to tell their elected officials that defense of our homeland is job #1. These efforts are greatly appreciated. It was encouraging and strongly reinforcing for our representatives to know all the support they have on missile defense.”

May 2010
April 2010

American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) Becomes Law in Tennessee In Spring 2010, along with Eagle Forum, ACT! for America helped lead the effort that resulted in the passage of legislation in Tennessee known as American Laws for American Courts (ALAC). This law prohibits state courts from using foreign law in judging cases (and by implication, sharia law), when doing so conflicts with the Constitution.

Shariah Compliant Mortgages The New Markets Mortgage Program is no more! Minnesota state government is no longer facilitating Islamic / Shariah compliant mortgages. ACT! for America members sent numerous emails to Minnesota Housing Finance Agency staff, made phone calls, sat in on MHFA Board meetings, and sent more than 100 letters to MHFA board members and various Minnesota candidates for public office. Political analyst and commentator Dick Morris recognized the efforts of ACT! for America.

April 2010
Spring 2010

Anti-Sharia resolution put in Texas GOP platform Texas GOP Platform (p. 3 ¶ 1) backup here In an unprecedented effort, ACT! for America chapter leaders in Texas succeeded in winning addition of an anti-sharia resolution to the state Republican Party platform.

Guantanamo Bay Detainees ACT! for America chapter leaders and members helped lead the effort that prevented Guantanamo Bay detainees from being moved to Standish, Michigan.

Spring 2010

Anti-Sharia resolution put in MN GOP platform Minnesota GOP Platform (see § 7) (backup here) In 2010 ACT! for America members helped win inclusion of a resolution opposing judicial use of foreign law in the Minnesota Republican Party platform. This resolution reflected the concepts of American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) legislation.

ACT! Victories in


November 2009

Webcast event reaches 10,000 ACT! for America Education conducted a national webcast conference, targeted to elected officials and ACT! for America Members. Over 10,000 visitors watched, which made this Ustream conference the top rated webcast in the nation on that day.

School backs out as host of Sharia conference On June 22, 2009 we sent out an email with a link to a 1 minute video promoting a sharia conference at the Aqsa Islamic school in a suburb of Chicago. The video literally screamed the message that capitalism must fall and be replaced by Islam. After thousands of our members contacted the Aqsa school, it backed out as the host of this controversial conference. stated, "We have no doubt that the lion's share of the credit for Aqsa school deciding to avoid the bad publicity surrounding such an event has to go to ACT! for America, who sent an email alert to their members and made this whole story go viral"

June 2009
April 2009

Iran's Energy Sector After the U.S. Senate is barraged with phone calls from ACT! for America’s grassroots, the Kyl/Lieberman Amendment (#1628 to S. 1390, the National Defense Authorization Act for 2010) passed on the Senate floor. The amendment denies taxpayer money to any company doing business with Iran’s energy sector.

ACT! Victories in


October 2008

First Voter Guide ACT! for America sought the positions of over 1,100 candidates for President, U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate on issues, such as Islamic shariah law and shariah-compliant financing, that at this time had not been given attention in the Congress. The results of these questionnaires were posted online in ACT! for America's first Voter Guide.

Congressional Scorecard View Scorecard The inaugural Congressional Scorecard was posted on our website. The scorecard is a compilation of important national security votes cast in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate since 2003. The ACT! for America staff reviewed hundreds of votes cast over the past five years, finally selecting 50 votes on issues having a direct impact on our national security and the fight against Islamofascism. The tally of votes by members of the House and Senate were then obtained from the non-partisan service Gallery Watch, provided by Roll Call. Scorecards have been posted in 2010 and 2012.

September 2008
September 2008

Rachel's Law Signed by Governor of New York Governor's Office press release Rachel Ehrenfeld (pictured left) was sued in a British court by a Saudi billionaire who claimed her book about terror financing was defamatory. He has filed dozens of lawsuits in foreign courts in an attempt to intimidate authors and publishers.

In Spring 2008, New York became the first state to pass "Rachel's Law", which is designed to protect authors and publishers from intimidation lawsuits filed in countries outside the U.S. ACT! for America grassroots efforts produced hundreds of contacts to New York state legislators and thousands of signatures on a petition delivered to the New York State legislature in support of the bill.

ACT! helps workers at Tennessee Tyson Foods plant get labor day back after it was replaced with Muslim holiday Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Tyson workers revote; Labor Day brought back Tyson Press Release: "Labor Day Reinstated" Tyson Plant Drops Labor Day for Muslim Holiday -Fox News A Tyson Foods plant in Tennessee had negotiated a labor contract with its employees that removed Labor Day as a paid holiday and replaced it with Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic holiday closing the month of Ramadan. In response to an email action alert we sent out, countless ACT! for America members called and emailed Tyson Foods to object to this action. Three days later Tyson Foods issued a press release reinstating Labor Day as one of its paid holidays and removing Eid al-Fitr as a required paid holiday for all employees.

August 2008
March 2008

Investigation into school's use of taxpayer funds promoting Islam Tax-funded academy with Muslim agenda closes News stories reported that a charter school in Minnesota, the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), appeared to be engaging in impermissible promotion of Islam at its taxpayer-funded charter school. Through email alerts, the actions of our central Minnesota chapter, and other efforts aimed at the Minnesota Department of Education, we called on the Department to take action. It did, launching an investigation of the school. The investigation resulted in the Department of Education issuing two citations to the school for violations of law.

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