Resisting Cultural Subversion

Tuesday, 26 August 2008 11:20
We frequently point out the wrong-headedness of British policy towards the cultural jihad occurring there. Why? First, because Britain's politically correct policy has led to increasing radicalization of British Muslims and has increased, not decreased, threats of terrorism.

And second, because where Britain is now is where we in America will be at some point in the future if we do not learn from their mistakes and choose NOT to do what they have done in standing against this threat.

The article below gives example after example of the failure of this policy. One thing from the British experience is clear. The average citizen of Britain has been no match for the country's elites, who fashioned the policy of appeasement that has brought Britain to this place. There was no organized, grassroots push back to keep this from happening.

Cultural jihad is happening here in the United States as well. But we can still stop it - and you can be an effective voice in this effort.

Beginning September 13th, ACT! for America will be conducting one-day "Leadership in Action" conferences in California, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and New Jersey. This exciting and informative conference will equip you and empower you to be an effective force against the creeping subversion of cultural jihad and the threat of Islamofascism.

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If you don't live near one of these locations, but know people who do, forward this email to them and encourage them to attend. Just last week the Ft. Wayne, Indiana chapter hosted an event with Brigitte Gabriel and Guy Rodgers. Twenty-two people who attended found out about it because one of them received an email from a friend in Oregon.

That's the power of the internet at work. That's people power. And that's what it's going to take to keep America from going down the same road that Great Britain has traveled. So we encourage you to register for a "Leadership in Action" conference near you, or forward this email to those you know who live near one of our scheduled locations.  

As the recent Tyson Foods situation demonstrates, organized and informed grassroots people power does make a difference.


British Submission

By Douglas Stone | 8/21/2008

Foot baths for Muslim students at Michigan universities? Muslim cabbies in the Twin Cities who refuse to carry seeing-eye dogs? The FBI and other government agencies taking sensitivity training from radical Muslim organizations? You think we've lost the plot over here? Take a look at British submission to Islamofascist demands and threats, as that once great nation succumbs to creeping dhimmitude.

It has reached the point that in mid-April, the British Foreign Office instructed the Royal Navy not to return pirates to jurisdictions sporting sharia law (such as Somalia) for fear that their human rights will be violated. They have even been discouraged from capturing pirates, because the freebooters might ask to be granted asylum in Britain, a request with which the UK might have to comply under international and European Union human rights law.

This for a Navy that almost singlehandedly defeated piracy in the early 19th century, and a nation that retained the death penalty for this scourge of the high seas until the late 20th century.

Welcome to Britain today.

Another recent outrage involves special handling of a traffic violation. Seems that a Muslim driver was stopped by police while speeding between two homes in the north of England. When he appeared in court, he explained his high speed - over twice the speed limit - was necessary to accommodate his two wives. His explanation was accepted, and he was allowed to keep his license.

That comes fast - very fast - on the heels of a decision by the British government to grant full spousal benefits to multiple wives. It won't affect more than an estimated 1,000 individuals. And it mercifully won't affect the indigenous Christian, Hindu or Jewish population, as traditional bigamy laws apply. Britons may rest easy, as it will only cover multiple wives married in a jurisdiction that practices Sharia law, such as Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

These are not isolated instances; there are a myriad more: Swimming periods at pools restricted to Muslims only; the establishment of a BBC Arabic language station staffed by Arab broadcasters and managers with track records of being anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Western; the refusal of female Muslim medical students to wash their arms as that practice might reveal the forbidden flesh between wrist and elbow; an attempt by a national union of university lecturers to call for a boycott of Israeli academics; and, a local Council ban on pig-themed toys, porcelain figures and calendars on workers' desks because it might offend Muslims.

No comment from the Home Office or No. 10 Downing Street. No comment from the government, because it has been their policy to appease Britain's large Muslim population in response to menacing behavior up to and including the bomb outrages of July 7, 2005.

It's no coincidence that Muslims constitute a substantial portion of the Labour Party's electoral support in London and in much of its heartland in northern England. In the expected close election for Parliament that will be held by mid-2010, an increasing Muslim population may be the difference between victory and defeat for the Labourites.

But Labour's bien pensant hardly needs convincing. Like most on the left today, they fancy themselves champions of the underdog and the oppressed, and sympathy for Islam, and Arab and Muslim causes fits neatly into their intellectual program. Along with America and Israel-bashing, it goes to the very heart of how liberals view themselves and, more important, how they wish to be viewed by others. It supplies them with the appearance of a self-abnegation that is supposed to relieve their Western, middle-class guilt with a cleansing humility but is nothing but moral exhibitionism; and, as always, involves other people's money, other people's freedom, and other people's comfort - never or very rarely their own.

A classic of political correctness run amok, wonderful as a burlesque if it weren't slowly undermining Britain's way of life and its will to oppose extreme Islamism.

Worse is that acceding to this nonsense gives Islamofascists confidence that they are on the winning side of history. That if they just shout a little louder and push a little harder, they may expect more of the same that becomes increasingly normative until it convinces the longer-settled among the UK's population that they have no power to stop, let alone reverse, the process.

One might have become inured to the gutless behavior of France or Italy, but many in the U.S. are still under the impression that, like other countries in the Anglosphere, the British remain clear-eyed, realistic and most importantly resolute about the threats with which the West is confronted. But they aren't; and while these cultural changes are in the realm of the comical right now, they are beginning to affect British public policy, domestic as well as foreign.

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