They DO make a difference!!

Friday, 24 June 2011 07:32

Why we’re urging you to sign the petition on behalf
of Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields

Occasionally we get emails from our members asking, “If I sign your petition, will it make a difference?”

The answer to that is an emphatic “yes.” Please read on.

Here are just a couple of examples of how ACT! for America petitions have “made a difference.”

  • The national publicity we generated for our Ground Zero Mosque petition last year helped mobilize public opinion against the project. Brigitte Gabriel did over 200 media interviews about the Ground Zero Mosque and our petition.

    The petition gave people an opportunity to take action against the Ground Zero Mosque. It gave them an opportunity to “do something.” And as the number of people signing our petition climbed, so did national public opinion against the proposed mosque. We, of course, were not alone in publicizing opposition to the mosque, but we have no doubt that our media and petition campaign against it helped drive up public opposition.

    The petition also helped tens of thousands of people become familiar with ACT! for America, as many of our members forwarded the petition to people they knew.
  • Early this year we launched a “citizens appeal” to the 112th Congress, a petition containing ten points we want this session of Congress to address.

    Members of Congress have indicated to us that efforts like this are very helpful in letting them know that Americans want action on the threat of radical Islam. For instance, Representative Peter King and Representative Sue Myrick know, without a doubt, that we’re standing behind them in their efforts to hold congressional hearings on this threat—hearings which ACT! for America has been calling for since 2009.

    What’s more, after Lisa Piraneo, our Director of Government Relations, delivered the petition to congressional leadership, she was asked to meet with staff of a key congressional committee that was interested in pursuing one of the items on our ten point agenda.

So if you’re wondering whether signing our petition on behalf of Captain Fields will make a difference or not, picture this.

Picture an ACT! for America rally in Tulsa, such as in front of the mayor’s office or the police department. Picture Guy Rodgers, our Executive Director, delivering a petition signed by 50,000 Americans. Picture the local media coverage and the public relations spotlight that will be shined on elected officials. (View a short video here of us delivering the Ground Zero Mosque petition in New York.)

Add to this picture a local and nationwide flood of phone calls and emails from ACT! for America members and others to the appropriate government officials in Tulsa, demanding that Captain Fields be reinstated.

Consider the pressure these officials will be under to do the right thing.

Even if Tulsa officials in the face of this pressure refused to reverse the decision to demote and suspend Captain Fields, ask yourself this.

Will they be more or less likely to do something like this again—knowing that countless Americans are ready to rise up again and hold them accountable for doing so? Knowing that many Tulsa citizens will be unhappy with their decisions, thanks to the spotlight we’ve shined on it?

And ask yourself this. What message will be sent to other local elected officials in Oklahoma, or even across the country, about the grassroots uprising that could happen if they did something to a law enforcement officer like what the Tulsa police chief did to Captain Fields? Do you think they’ll be more or less likely to order a police officer to attend what amounted to an Islamic proselytizing event?

This is all about the old axiom, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Nowhere is this more true than in politics.

There’s no guarantee our efforts on behalf of Captain Fields will prevail.

But choosing not to act guarantees the following.

  • Choosing not to act lets Tulsa officials know there is no public relations price to be paid for the action Tulsa’s police chief took. Elected officials don’t like bad publicity—it costs them votes.
  • Choosing not to act lets elected officials in other communities know that they can disregard the constitutional rights of a law enforcement officer in the name of political correctness, because Americans will not stand up and protest this.

So please, don’t for a minute think that adding your name to our petition won’t make a difference. It will—if enough people act. Please sign the petition and forward it to everyone you know today.

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