Please add your name to our SECOND Open Letter calling for border security and visa reform!

Monday, 08 July 2013 08:39

Please add your name to our SECOND Open Letter calling for border security and visa reform!

The U.S. Senate recently passed a massive 1,200 page “immigration reform” bill (not read by most Senators) that effectively legalizes everyone first and then includes a soft “enforcement” provision that kicks the pathway to citizenship into gear.

Our current visa system is broken and our borders are not secure. Those issues must be the main priority of any approach to immigration reform. Before we enact a process to track these and others who enter our country, doesn’t it make sense to have a solid system in place that can identify potentially dangerous individuals?

The jihadist terrorist attacks going as far back as 9/11/01 and as recent as the Boston Marathon, demonstrate that our visa process is in dire need of reform to ensure that prospective terrorists can’t abuse it. This must be the top priority for our federal legislators.

Unfortunately, promises to ensure that our borders are secure and our visa system is reformed remain just that—PROMISES. You can help us see those promises become a reality. Will you help us?

Our first Open Letter to Congress on this issue was signed by over 11,000 concerned citizens. The letter stated that the first step our nation must take with regard to immigration reform is to secure our borders and fix a broken visa system. Just prior to the Senate vote, Lisa Piraneo, our Director of Government Relations, delivered our Open Letter to the leadership of the U.S. Congress, so they were aware of our views and heard our collective voice.

We have now written a SECOND Open Letter aimed exclusively at the House leadership, to make sure that our voice on this issue remains loud and clear and that we have an impact on what the House does with this legislation.

The House has several choices of action: consider the Senate’s bill (which Speaker Boehner has said he won’t), pass its own legislation, or do nothing at all.

You can be sure that members of the House are hearing from many constituents who are angry at the Senate’s rapid, political, and non-transparent approach to immigration reform. If this language—or anything like it—becomes law, our nation is at great peril. We will be allowing millions of illegal aliens to attain legal status in our nation BEFORE we have secured our borders and have processes in place to know WHO exactly is entering and leaving our country.

We must do all that we can to see the Senate’s immigration “reform” approach stopped in its tracks. You are the key to achieving that goal.

We hope we can count on you to sign our second Open Letter to the leadership of the U.S. Congress today—to send a loud and clear message that before immigration reform moves forward, our border must be secured and our visa process effectively reformed.

REMEMBER: Your signature is your VOICE. This is a VERY important issue to the future of our nation.

Will you help by signing our SECOND Open Letter today??

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