We can't let them do this!

Monday, 05 August 2013 09:24

We can’t let them silence us!

“Americans United to Defend Free Speech”


•  Sign our open letter opposing UN Resolution 16/18

•  Find out more about “Freedom of Speech Day”

Two weeks ago, the Minnesota affiliate of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), pulled out the stops in an effort to shut down two ACT! for America events.

They failed, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try again.

This brazen assault on freedom of speech is part of a bigger, worldwide effort by the Muslim Brotherhood, its legacy organizations like CAIR, and the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

These organizations are desperate to silence any speech they deem “offensive” to Islam—especially speech that exposes who they really are and why they are a threat to America and to freedom.

In March we launched “Americans United to Defend Free Speech.” The efforts by CAIR-Minnesota are just one reason why we need to rally concerned citizens everywhere to the cause of defending our cherished right of free speech.

We will fight every effort to muzzle free speech—but we need your help.

The simple truth is that the facts about radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are so damaging that organizations like CAIR and the OIC will stop at nothing to prevent people from hearing those facts.

In the past few years radical Islamic organizations have succeeded in shutting down public events in Florida and Tennessee. The OIC is working hard to implement a UN Resolution in free countries across the world. UN Resolution 16/18 urges governments to take action against so-called “hate speech.” What’s worse, our State Department supports UN Resolution 16/18!

There are two things we are currently doing to push back against this assault on the first amendment.



An Open Letter to Congress and the State Legislatures, urging them to pass resolutions opposing the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18.

If you haven’t already signed this Open Letter, please do so today. Don’t sit on the sidelines while enemies of freedom build momentum to silence us. If we refuse to speak out now, the day may well come when we won’t be able to!



“Freedom of Speech Day,” September 25, 2013—the 224th anniversary of congressional passage of the Bill of Rights.

To find out more about activities on this day, or how you can host an event, please click here.

The threat to free speech is real. Politically correct enablers of radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in our government are clearly sympathetic to efforts like UN Resolution 16/18.

Please, do something today to help us awaken America!


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