Something BIG is happening!!!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013 09:37

Something BIG is happening!

We’re fighting the flawed, biased textbooks – and WINNING!

Please make a donation today and help us build the momentum

Something big is happening.

There’s a grassroots “train” gathering steam, gathering momentum, and winning victories.

  • First, it was in Washington.

    A principal pulled a textbook from the school after he learned how biased it was about Islam.


  • Then, a school board in a Florida county passed a resolution calling a textbook flawed and biased in its treatment of Islam.


  • Now, just last week, the Tennessee textbook commission refused to approve a social studies book because of its errors, falsehoods and bias in its presentation of Islam.

Guess what all three victories had in common? You guessed it.

ACT! for America. Chapters and members. You. Us.

The hardest thing to do at the grassroots is getting momentum started. Once you do, you don’t want to let up!

That’s why we’re asking you to click here and make your most generous gift today – either a monthly Patriot Partner gift or a single gift – to rev the engine of momentum even higher!

If you prefer to make a contribution with a check, you can print out a reply form here and mail it in.


  • In the situation in Washington, an ACT! chapter leader was helping a friend’s daughter do a report on Islam. Using the ACT! for America Education textbook report, the chapter leader showed the girl all the flaws in the textbook.

    The girl noted this in her report and gave a copy to the principal – and the principal did the rest, pulling the book from use!


  • In Florida, ACT! chapter leaders and members, working with other concerned citizens, mounted an educational and lobbying effort against a seriously flawed public school textbook.

    Their case was strong. Their efforts were organized. And they won!

    The school board passed a resolution stating the book was biased, set up a committee to write information that counter-balanced what was in the book, AND included an ACT! for America member on the committee!!!


  • In Tennessee, “David” took on “Goliath.” ACT! chapter leaders and members (“David”) educated textbook commission members (“Goliath”) about all the flaws in the book.

    These efforts payed off. Twice – TWICE – the commission members refused to even offer a motion to approve the textbooks!

    This was a stunning victory for truth and a huge blow to political correctness.

These ACT! for America chapter leaders and members did their part.

But they can’t do it alone. We need your financial help to continue recruiting, training and equipping concerned citizens so we can keep this momentum going.

Please ACT today and make the most generous monthly or single gift you can afford.


Working together, we’re making history. Please, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, help us continue sending a powerful message to Muslim so-called “scholars” who have convinced textbook publishers to weave a whitewashed tale of Islamic history.

Thank you!


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