Update: 14 Student Scholarships So Far…36 To go!

Monday, 14 July 2014 15:02

Help a Student Attend Our National

Conference and Legislative Briefing!

Update: 14 Student Scholarships So Far…36 To go!

  “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”
            –Ronald Reagan

Face it: The next generation has its hands full.

Our national security has fallen into such disrepair that it will take leaders of Reagan’s stature to achieve some semblance of peace for our children… and theirs.

We have been receiving requests from some of those future leaders – college and high school students – who want to attend ACT for America’s 2014 National Conference and Legislative Briefing, but just can’t afford it.

$500 is all that it takes to get one student to our national conference and to pay for their hotel, expenses and conference registration. The return on this small investment will far outweigh the cost.

To sponsor a student with your tax deductible donation, Click Here.

(Please designate your gift: “National Conference Student Scholarship Fund” in the comment box at the bottom of our donate page.)

We want to be able to scholarship these young Americans and offer them the chance at experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime event – especially this year, as we gather to remember and honor the 9/11 fallen. This experience will also prepare college students to launch an ACT for America chapter at their university and start recruiting more students to get involved in protecting America. It’s time the Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) in colleges across the nation have a counterweight. You can help get this ball rolling.

Attendance at the 2014 ACT for America National Conference will be the event that will impress upon this younger generation the urgency of protecting our nation’s future.

And more good news: Your sponsorship of each student is fully tax deductible. For only $500 you can make a big difference on a college campus. You can sponsor 5 – 10 – or even 20 students. Our goal for our 2014 National Conference is to have 50 students in attendance to learn more about the issues of the day, meet legislators, and start getting involved.

Update: our first national email brought in over $7,000 towards these scholarships making it possible for 14 students to come to the conference! Will you consider helping us achieve this reality for 36 more students?

Will you help us get there by sponsoring a student today?

It won’t take much. If only 10 people sponsor 5 students each, we will have 50 college students – future ACT for America leaders – join us in Washington, DC, the week of 9/11. The event will change their lives forever.

Even gifts of $10 or $20 really add up and every dime we raise for this designated project will go towards scholarships for this year’s conference.

They will walk with us on Capitol Hill, showing our elected officials that the younger generation is mobilizing to protect our nation.

They will lay a flower on the Pentagon’s 9/11 Memorial during our private ceremony of remembrance – assuring that our future generations never forget.

And most importantly, they will learn first hand that their actions CAN make a difference – that their nation needs them.

Please help us ignite the flame of patriotism and love of country in our next generation – to whom we will ultimately pass this important national security baton. Now is the time to educate these young Americans on these critical issues. Now is the time to inspire them to get involved.

Will you help us achieve our goal today by assuring that one more student attends our 2014 National Conference?

To sponsor a student with your tax deductible donation, Click Here.

Right now, a future Ronald Reagan is hoping you do.

(Please designate your gift: “National Conference Student Scholarship Fund” in the comment box at the bottom of our donate page.)

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