U.S. Treasury Department to Host Shariah Compliant Financing Forum!!!

Monday, 03 November 2008 17:02
U.S. Treasury Department to Host 
Shariah Compliant Financing Forum!!! 

By Brigitte Gabriel 

This Thursday, in association with the Islamic Finance Project of the Harvard Law School, the U.S. Treasury will be hosting a forum entitled “Islamic Finance 101.” 

You read this correctly. As the humorist Dave Barry writes in many of his columns, “I am not making this up.” 

Indeed, despite the fact that we in ACT! for America and others have been warning about the infiltration of shariah (Islamic law) into our society for some time, to witness how quickly it is happening causes me to tremble inside. 

Our own U.S. Treasury is hosting a forum aimed at educating “staff from U.S. banking regulatory agencies, Congress, Department of Treasury, and other parts of the Executive Branch.” 

So what is Shariah Banking you ask? 

Sharia banking was created by radicals like Sheik Qaradawi, a terrorist who today is banned from entering the United States and Great Britain. Who today leads international Islamic Finance agencies. How does he describe Shariah Finance? "I like to call it Jihad with money, because God has ordered us to fight enemies with our lives and our money." 

Everything in me wants to shout from the highest house top “Will enough Americans wake up in time??? Have our leaders become so blinded with greed that they are willing to sell our soul, and endanger our national security, in exchange for Arab money?” 

To view a PDF image of the official U.S. Treasury description and agenda for the forum, please click here. 

According to the Treasury document, the purpose of this forum is “…to help inform the policy community about Islamic financial services, which are an increasingly important part of the global financial industry.” 

Speakers include: 

Assistant Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari. If that name sounds familiar it’s because he is the person Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson designated to manage the government purchase of distressed assets called for in the $700 billion “bailout plan.” 

Talal DeLorenzo. DeLorenzo is one of the half dozen most important shariah advisors. He is a product of the radical jihadist madrassa Jamia Uloom Islamia in Karachi. Among his many prior positions is the Director of Education at the Islamic Saudi Academy. If that name sounds familiar it’s because that academy was the focus of a U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Report earlier this year. That report documented material in the academy’s textbooks that, among other things, called for the killing of “apostates” from Islam and approved of the killing of “polytheists.” 

ACT! for America put out two emails on this and some of our local members participated in a protest at the academy. 

The Islamic Saudi Academy is also known for one of its more famous alumni, Ahmad Omar Abu Ali, who in 1999 was the school’s valedictorian and was voted “Most Likely to Be a Martyr.” Ali was later convicted on charges of terrorism and attempting to assassinate President Bush. 

Rushdi Siddiqui. Siddiqui is the founder and ‘global director’ of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index Group. 

My dear members, the “Trojan horse” is within our gates. How we as the “grassroots” of America respond to this threat over the next year will greatly determine whether we begin to expel this threat or go the way of Britain and Europe. 

We are now in the process of producing a video that details what Shariah financing is, its implications, who’s involved on Wall Street and our efforts to stop it. You will receive notice of it by email within a couple weeks. 

We need your activism and involvement on every level to help us protect our country. Please forward our emails to your friends and family and urge them to subscribe to receive them directly. Get involved with our chapter network. We are going to need to organize on the grass roots level to put pressure on our banking system and even boycott some major banks to stop this Islamic shariah financing. More information will be forthcoming forth in the future. 

We also continue to need your financial support as we forge ahead with this important work. If you haven’t joined our Patriot Partner program, click here to find out how you can support us in this way. If we are going to win the struggle against Islamofascism, we need to have the necessary supplies in our “warchest” to fight effectively. I greatly appreciate your help and am honored to have you as a member of our ACT! for America family. 

Always devoted, 


Brigitte Gabriel 
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