Jihad With Money

Friday, 07 November 2008 14:49
Shariah-Compliant Financing – 
“Jihad with money”!

On Monday we emailed you the startling news about the U.S. Treasury Department hosting a shariah-compliant finance forum today entitled “Islamic Finance 101.” 

With the crisis in our financial and credit markets, shariah-compliant finance is coming at us full-speed. We have been working behind the scenes to launch some projects aimed at exposing this tentacle of shariah law, but the pace of events has convinced us we need to accelerate our pace as well. 

In this vein, we have posted a new video on our website about shariah-compliant finance narrated by Joy Brighton. As one who holds an MBA, “cut her teeth” on the trading floor with Lehman Brothers, and is a professor of securities and investments, Joy is eminently qualified to address this issue. 

To view this video log on to our home page, www.actforamerica.org

Other concerned groups and organizations are coming together in a Coalition to Stop Shariah. ACT! for America is proud to be part of this coalition. We will make more announcements in the near future regarding our efforts to stop shariah. 

Shariah-compliant finance is, as one of its leading advocates puts it, “jihad with money.” ACT! for America is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that America is awakened to this threat of cultural jihad. 

We urge you to view the video as soon as possible and then forward this email to everyone you know!!! 

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