Jihad With Money; Part 2

Tuesday, 11 November 2008 17:10

Last Friday we informed you of a new video on our website describing theemerging and serious threat of shariah-compliant financing, or “Jihad with money.”If you haven’t yet viewed it we encourage you to do so by logging on to www.actforamerica.org.

The commentary below, written by Melanie Phillips, gives us further insightinto the chilling ramifications for countries that are buying into this “Jihadwith money.” Ms. Phillips is well-respected for her research on issues likethis and is the author of a book we highly recommend entitled Londonistan.

One sentence deserves particular attention. Ms. Phillips notes that “Shariabanking was devised by mid-20th century Islamist ideologues specifically tofurther their strategy for global Islamic rule by creating separateadministrative systems.”

Bewarethis Saudi deal to help bail out Britain. It comes with a devastating IOU

Melanie Phillips UK Mail Online

Last updated at 11:55 PM on 09th November 2008

With all eyes fixed upon the political excitements in the U.S, few have paidmuch attention to a trip made by the Prime Minister several thousand miles inthe opposite direction.

A week ago Gordon Brown, accompanied by his new best friend the BusinessSecretary Lord Mandelson, went cap in hand to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf statesto ask them to help bail out the stricken economies of the West by pumpingbillions into the International Monetary Fund.

It is more than a little strange that the British Prime Minister should haveapparently taken it upon himself to speak on behalf of the IMF. But the realconcern is that asking for help from Saudi Arabia is not like tapping yourfriendly neighbourhood bank manager for a bigger overdraft.

No, this loan comes with a devastating IOU — nothing less than a big slice ofcontrol over Britain and the West by a regime at the heart of the attempt tobring about the Islamisation of the free world.

Granted, this country is facing a truly grave financial crisis. But does thismean we should remortgage the future of the West to those whose most radicalelements are actively engaged in seeing it destroyed?

I have long been concerned by Britain’s failure to acknowledge the true natureof the threat from global Islamism. This latest move is yet more alarmingevidence of that process.

Saudi Arabia is at the root of the Islamic onslaught against the West. It isSaudi’s Wahhabi form of Islam which, along with its Shi’ite counterpart inIran, aims to restore the dominance of Islam in the world and destroy rule by‘unbelievers’.

It is Saudi money which has fuelled the enormous spread of Wahhabi mosques,preachers and educational institutions in this country, delivering the messageof holy war and radicalising countless thousands of British Muslims.

And it is this Saudi ideology which was the inspiration for Al Qaeda.

True, Al Qaeda turned upon Saudi itself on account of its ties with the U.S. Asa result, Saudi regards Al Qaeda as its mortal enemy, and as such co-operates withBritain and the U.S in combating it.

But sometimes, to rephrase the old adage, our enemy’s enemy is not actually ourfriend, but our enemy as well.

Saudi Wahhabism seeks to conquer the West through a pincer movement comprisingviolence on the one hand and cultural infiltration and takeover on the other.

At the very least, Saudi Arabia speaks with the most lethal of forked tongues,and we should actively be seeking to diminish its influence over our affairs.

But instead our Prime Minister is effectively offering it yet more opportunityto control us.

Mr Brown claimed he did not want such investment to be used to gain politicalinfluence. But Lord Mandelson blurted out the truth when he acknowledged thatthe Saudis and other Gulf states would expect a bigger role in globalinstitutions in return.

Takeover: The Islamic world has already bought Manchester City footballclub.
This should be enough to chill the British marrow. Islamic influence is alreadyspreading in Britain and the West, way beyond Muslim communities themselves.

The Islamic world is buying a financial stake in increasing numbers of Westerninstitutions. Among its latest acquisitions are Manchester City Football Club,which was sold to the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, and Barclays Bank, which hassecured an almost £6 billion capital injection from Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

Extremist Islamist ideas are also being spread through Islamic study centresattached to our universities. According to Professor Anthony Glees, eightuniversities — including Oxford and Cambridge — have accepted more than £233.5million from Saudi and Muslim sources since 1995, spreading radicalism andhelping create within Britain two separate identities and sets of allegiance.

Shockingly, Saudi blackmail has also forced Britain to suspend its own rule oflaw by ditching the bribery investigation into the arms deal between SaudiArabia and BAE systems, in response to an explicit threat made by the Saudiauthorities that, if the case continued, ‘British lives on British streets’would be at risk.

Those aren’t my words, they are from Britain’s former ambassador to SaudiArabia, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles.

Thus, the Islamists are already pulling British strings through the supremelymanipulative combination of the threat of violence and the lure of unbridledwealth.

Apparently oblivious to all this, however, Mr Brown has pledged to make Londonthe global centre of Islamic banking. Accordingly, Britain’s major banks areeagerly embracing sharia finance, on the basis that it is a source of vastwealth.

What they fail to realise is that sharia is also a project for Islamisingsociety, and wherever it is embraced it will use its position to do preciselythat. The assumption is that sharia banking — which has at its heart theprohibition of interest — accords with ancient Islamic religious principles.Not so.

Sharia banking was devised by mid-20th century Islamist ideologues specificallyto further their strategy for global Islamic rule by creating separateadministrative systems.

Muslims are required to donate a proportion of their income to charity,including the money that goes through the sharia banking system.

Yet in many instances, the clerics deciding where this ‘charity’ money shouldgo are the spiritual godfathers of terror, such as Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi, whosupports suicide bombing in Iraq and Israel, and Sheik Muhammed Taqi Usmani,who has admitted he ran a madrassa that supported the Taliban, yet who sits onthe sharia supervisory board of the Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund.

It’s no surprise, then, that many charitable donations end up being channelledstraight into terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

But apart from being a global money-laundering exercise for terrorism, shariabanking is also a beachhead in the attempt by radical Islam to infiltrateBritish and Western society.


The key point is that sharia does not recognise the superior authority of thesecular law of the land.

Sharia financial institutions may not be making this clear — they don’t want tofrighten people away — but at some future time they may do so. This is how theywill endeavour to spread sharia beyond their own territory.

There are already examples of sharia regulations over-riding commercialdecisions. Citibank, for example, launched the Saudi American Bank (SAB) inJeddah and Riyadh. In 1980, the Saudis abruptly seized the SAB, denied Citibankall future profits and ordered it to train Saudi staffers because the bank wasjudged insufficiently Muslim.

When trillions of pounds and dollars become locked into Islamic banking andSaudi and other Islamic institutions, who will be in a position to argue withthe Islamists when they finally call in their IOUs?

But our politicians and financiers seem blind to this prospect — because theyare mesmerised by the seductive prospect of so much wealth.

Moreover, the British establishment does not believe that what we are beingsubjected to is a religious war. That is why their response to the steadyencroachment of Islamic radicalism in our society is so weak.

And that is why I fear the British Prime Minister is in danger of selling thiscountry to those who are intent upon undermining our most treasured freedoms.

More than giving hostages to fortune, he is enabling fortune itself to holdBritain hostage. 
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