ACT! for America Prepares to Tackle the Challenges of 2009

Friday, 21 November 2008 12:39

ACT! for America Prepares to
Tackle the Challenges of 2009
by Brigitte Gabriel


This is the third installment of a four-part series of emails I am sending youthis week. Thank you for taking a few minutes each day to read these emails sothat you can stay connected with what we’re doing and where we are headed. Youare an important part of this team! (If you missed either of the first two youcan read them on our email archives at

The best way to describe 2009 is uncertainty. What will happen with the economy?How will an Obama presidency react and deal with international and domesticchallenges?

But one thing we can be certain of is this – our Islamist enemies are not goingto go away. They will continue to pursue terrorism and cultural jihad to advancetheir supremacist ideology around the world. If anything, we should expect thatthey will work extra hard next year to take advantage of our economicuncertainties and President-elect Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience.

I know that most people are focused on the economy, and understandably so. Ialso know that in unstable economic times it is more challenging for anorganization like ours to grow. But we must keep pressing ahead, perhaps not asambitiously as we had once hoped, but pressing ahead nevertheless.

Why? Because threats like shariah-compliant financing are not going away –in fact, they’re accelerating!

This is why our top priority for next yearis to hire a full-time lobbyist to represent our interests on Capitol Hill.You’ve heard us mention this previously this year. The Saudi’s have spentmillions and millions of dollars buying access and influence in Washington. Wedon’t have millions and millions of dollars, but our growing citizen actionnetwork will provide the grassroots “punch” necessary to get our concernsnoticed.

Here’s just one reason why we need this lobbyist. I can tell you withcertainty that most members of Congress don’t understand even the most basicthreats of cultural jihad – even those members who would be inclined to agreewith us. While shariah-compliant financing infiltrates our financialinstitutions and our Treasury Department, these members of Congress have noidea what is happening.

How can we expect our elected representatives to stand up against somethingthey don’t even know exists?

So one of the first tasks for our lobbyist will be to conduct briefings withmembers of Congress on the threat of shariah-compliant financing. Ourlobbyist will take this message to every member who’s willing to listen. Andwhile our lobbyist is doing this, we will alert you to contact your congressmenand senators and urge them to listen to what our lobbyist has to say.

As this process of educating members of Congress proceeds I have no doubt thatthere will be many members of Congress who will be motivated to take action,such as introduce legislation or at least call for congressional hearings toinvestigate shariah-compliant financing.

This will draw more attention to the issue and give us action items we can taketo the grassroots. I can then promote these action items on radio and TVinterviews across the country, focusing even more citizen attention on this“Trojan horse.”

Americans are very angry about the economic meltdown and what has happened totheir savings, investments and jobs – and rightfully so. What will they do whenthey see Wall Street and our government putting us at risk once again with thismad dash to secure shariah-compliant capital?

More of them will become informed, more of them will take action, and more ofthem will join ACT! for America.

And as they do we’ll be able to fight back against the threat ofshariah-compliant finance with even greater force and effectiveness.

But the missing link right now is having that hourly, daily, weekly – in otherwords, constant – presence on Capitol Hill. That’s what our own lobbyist willprovide us.

Our second priority for next year is thelaunch of a daily commentary on news and talk radio stations across thecountry. We have already begun exploring how many listeners we couldreach and what it will cost to reach them. Imagine how much more effective wecould be in pushing for action to stop threats like shariah-compliant financingif we were reaching millions of listeners every day!

Imagine how many new members this would bring us, and how many new chapterswould get started. As you can see, this goal goes hand in hand with our goal ofhiring a full-time lobbyist.

Our third priority is the creation anddistribution of a high school-level national security education curriculum.The dominance of anti-American, anti-Israel, and pro-Islamist bias in highschool courses, curriculum and textbooks must be confronted, or we run the riskof losing the next generation of young people.

Various objective reviews of these courses and textbooks reveal that our youngpeople are being taught an inaccurate and even dishonest representation ofIslam that does not line up with the history or the doctrines of Islam. This isnothing less than the brainwashing of our children to accept a false,whitewashed version of Islam.

In partnership with our education and research organization, American Congressfor Truth, our objective is to create a national security curriculum that willprovide high school students with a basic understanding of what nationalsecurity is, why and how we must maintain it, and how ideologies like radicalIslam threaten it.

Once created, we will provide this curriculum, free of charge, to any public,private, or home education high school that wants it and agrees to use it.

To our knowledge no such curriculum exists. For the sake of our youth and ourfuture security we must make this happen.

Our fourth priority is to greatly expand thereach of our “Citizens in Action” training conference, and other educationaltools we develop next year, through the use of web technologies.It’s imperative our membership and number of chapters continues to grow, butit’s just as important that we help every one of our members and chapterleaders to be more effective members of our citizen action network.

Imagine how many more of you our members we will be able to reach when you canview each session of our training conferences on your computer in the comfortof your home!

These four priorities are like every project we launch or action item weundertake, in that they are designed to do two things:

  • Help us achieve victories – big and small, short-term and long-term – in the broader struggle to roll back the tide of Islamofascism.
  • Help us grow our membership and number of chapters, which further enables us to win more and bigger victories.
We will, of course, be engaged in many other projectsduring 2009, just as we have been during 2008. There will be issues that arisethat few people are talking about right now, and we want to be better preparedto address such issues if the need requires it.

But whatever happens rest assured we will continue to work hard to fulfill ourmission, to better protect America and your family from the threat of radical Islam.

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel

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