Meeting the Challenges of 2009

Friday, 21 November 2008 12:42

Meeting the Challenges of 2009

by Brigitte Gabriel

Would Barack Obama be the President-elect if hundreds of thousands of newvolunteers and online donors had not flocked to his campaign?

Perhaps, perhaps not. He had a lot of things going for him, things beyond hiscontrol, such as the high disapproval ratings of President Bush that motivatedmany Americans to want change.

But his ability to capitalize on massive “people power” ensured that he didn’tsquander those advantages that were not within his control.

As I described to you in the first message of this four-part series, this yearACT! for America won some satisfying victories.

Had I never launched ACT! for America we wouldn’t have won any of thesevictories. Had you not signed up for our emails we wouldn’t have won any ofthese victories. Had those of you who forwarded our emails not done so, wewouldn’t have won any of these victories. Had those of you who madecontributions not done so we wouldn’t have won any of these victories.

In other words, together we capitalized on the level of “people power” we had,and it paid off. We made the most of our opportunities.

In fact, here’s some very encouraging news. Over the past two weeks sincethe election, nearly twice as many people signed up to lead local chapterscompared to any other two-week period this year!

The new year will bring us new opportunities, new challenges, and new threats –and we must do everything we can to maintain and even build on our momentum sowe can meet these challenges.

Shariah-compliant finance is coming at us likea runaway train. The Islamic lobby is going to have more access and influencein our government than ever before. Efforts to suppress criticism of radicalIslam and shut down anti-terrorism programs deemed “anti-Muslim” are likely toaccelerate. Al Qaeda is buzzing with talk of a new terrorist attack.

We just can’t afford to sit still.

Yesterday I listed four priorities we have for 2009 that will empower us tomeet the challenges and threats we face: (1) hiring a lobbyist; (2) launching adaily radio commentary; (3) producing a national security curriculum for highschools; and (4) expanding the reach of our “Citizens in Action” trainingseminar.

Even if we are only able to achieve one or two of these priorities, this timenext year we’ll be joyously talking about how ACT! for America successfully metnumerous challenges and made remarkable progress in rolling back theIslamofascist threat.

Each one of our 2009 priority projects requires new financial support beyondwhat we already receive. We’re working on several possibilities to raise theneeded funds, but I need your help to reach our goals.

I know economic times are challenging right now. Indeed, there isn’t anyoneI’ve talked to who hasn’t been hurt by what’s happening in our economy.

But if we don’t move ahead and tackle threats like shariah-compliant finance,well, I shudder to think what we’ll be grappling with a year or two from now.

So here’s my proposal to you.

I’m assuming you’d still like to find that “unique” gift this holiday seasonfor those you love. And that, like all of us, you’re going to take extra careto find that special gift at the best price you can, so you can stretch yourgift-giving dollars.

That’s why I’m going to do something we’ve never done before.

In the past, we’ve always made an autographed copy of my books available for acontribution of at least $100.

But for this holiday season, for acontribution of only $50, I will send you a personally autographed copy of myNew York Times best-selling book They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must DefeatRadical Islam and How We Can Do It.

That’s only half what we’ve always asked for in the past – because we know howhard so many of you have been hit by the financial crisis.

Take advantage of this special offer to get a copy for yourself or give it to aspecial someone who you want to become really well-informed.

To make your contribution online, simply clickhere. It’s safe, simple and secure. If you prefer to mail us a check, clickhere to print off a reply form.

Make a contribution of $90 and I’ll send you two autographed copies of mybook. Or, if you have three people you’d like to give it to, make acontribution of $125 and I’ll send you three autographed copies.

If you want to help us with a contribution but just can’t afford $50 right now,make a contribution of at least $15 and I’ll send you an ACT! for America lapelpin. That’s a special offer as well, as we usually offer the lapel pin for acontribution of at least $35.

In the words of our Founding Fathers, “these are the times that try men’ssouls.” These are the times that test and strengthen our character. Thankfully,as difficult as things now appear they’re not yet as trying as the times ourfounders faced. We still have so much to be grateful for.

But we can’t afford to forget that our radical Islamist enemies not onlywelcome but thrive on chaos and confusion. They’re hoping we get so caught upin the economic challenges facing us that we’ll forget about them. They’rehoping we won’t see them using Shariah-compliant finance to exploit America’sfinancial challenges and uncertainties. They may very well launch a majorterrorist attack in the very near future, calculating that a nation coping witheconomic distress led by a new President, inexperienced in foreign policy, willlack the will to respond. And without question they will accelerate theirefforts to infiltrate every level of our government to manipulate public policyin their favor.

So I appeal to you, please don’t set thisaside. Please act today by clickinghere to make your contribution online, or clickinghere to print off a reply form to mail with your check. Anycontribution of any size will help us continue to make the most of theopportunities we have, meet the challenges ahead, and not squander the gains wehave made.

You and I can’t control what happens on Wall Street. But together we cancontrol whether or not there is an organization that will stand up to theschemes, threats and demands of radical Islamists.

Together we can make a stand against shariah-compliant finance and every othertentacle of cultural jihad. Together we can become a powerful voice thatdemands our government do what is necessary to protect us from Islamicterrorism and not kowtow to political correctness.

Together we can. Together we will.

Thank you for everything you have done and everything you will do to ensure asafe and free America for all of us.

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel

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