Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ACT! for America unique?
ACT! for America is the only grassroots organization dedicated to national security and terrorism.  We have over 875 chapters across the country and 279,000 members.  ACT! for America is combining the power of truth about national security and terrorism with a mission to build the best-organized grassroots network in America. The truth about national security and terrorism is indeed jarring. But to effect the kind of policy changes necessary to be effective against terrorism and the political correctness that aids and abets it, this truth needs the force of collective action that comes when placed in the hands of an organized network of citizens. That is the mission of ACT! for America.

How is "political correctness" aiding and abetting terrorism?
There are those in government, the media, academia, entertainment, and other arenas that routinely, and incorrectly, dismiss or discount the threat of terrorism. Some excuse the acts of these terrorists by arguing, again incorrectly, that they are the result of so-called "root causes", such as poverty. Some of the most recent perpetrators of terrorism have been doctors and attorneys.  Others bend over backwards so as not to appear "intolerant" of certain religions, and thus become apologists for radicalism. Still others reflexively blame America first for all the problems and atrocities in the world, and thus side with those who have "grievances" against America.
The common denominator of these and other expressions of political correctness is that they provide aid and comfort to our enemies, the forces of terrorism who are bent on our country’s destruction.

What are UN resolution 16/18, the OIC, and the Istanbull Process and how do they threaten our Freedom of Speech?
The foremost expert on these threats, attorney Deborah Weiss, has prepared a short background document for ACT! for America on what these are and how they threaten our freedom of speech. [Click here to download]

I'm just one person; what can I do to protect our freedom of speech from these threats?
You can add your voice to ACT! for America's large and growing grassroots network consisting of 279,000 people across the nation and the world, and together we will be passing state-level legislation to combat this threat. [view sample legislation here] We've already had several victories passing  legislation (see our Victory Timeline here). Make your state next! We will email you and post action items on social media to alert you when you need to call and email your officials. Also, if you are a state legislator, attorney, or have a personal relationship with a state legislator, please get in touch with us and we can help you get started in your state.

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