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Time to throw political correctness in the garbage


This is ACT! for America


ACT! for America Capitol Hill Report


ACT! interviews disciple of Islamist terrorist Sheikh Gilani


Intriguing insight into a dominant male theocracy where men are intimidating and threatening and where women are segregated, submissive, and subjugated


Brigitte Gabriel Blasts Political Correctness


Muslim Speaks Out at Muslim Day Event: Shariah Law Says Homosexuals Must be Killed


Brigitte Gabriel Denver Presentation, Part 1
August 2009
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Shariah Finance: Securities Fraud?

Joy Brighton, Shariah Finance Expert

Shariah Finance: Lawsuits & AIG

Joy Brighton, Shariah Finance Expert

Shariah Law in America & Europe

Joy Brighton, Shariah Finance Expert

Shariah Finance: Joy Brighton, Shariah Finance Expert

Brigitte Gabriel, The Real Story with Glenn Beck
CNN Headline Prime

Brigitte Gabriel, Duke University

Brigitte Gabriel, The Heritage Foundation

Brigitte Gabriel, Persecution in the Middle East


Brigitte Gabriel, Hannity & Colmes
Fox News Channel


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