comment by Jerry Gordon

atomic-bomb-blast.jpgPaul Weyrich in this article is articulating the underground speculations that Al Qaeda had purchased several suitcase sized nuclear devices from corrupt Russian military sources in central Asia and has secreted them into the US for a series of “Hiroshimas”. He also has raised the specter of an Iranian Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) low yield nuclear explosion in a position off the east coast using a Scud missile launched from a container ship or freighter. He and Congressional EMP Commission head William Graham has recently articulated what that could do to the US-destroy our military and industrial infrastructure and power grid resulting in an economic cost of an estimated $770 billion converting this country into an instant ‘destroyed nation’.

Ken Timmerman’s scenario in his novel “Honor Killing” is an even more plausible scenario. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard under tight security load a miniaturized nuclear device onto to freighter at the Port of Bandar Abbas bound for South Africa to pick up armored vehicles that then get shipped to port of Maracaibo in Venezuela and hence to another vessel that offloads the device onto a mini sub off Chesapeake Bay. Then, a sleeper cell and technical experts preoare the device to be loaded onto a pizza truck for ultimate detonation during a Washington DC Fourth of July celebration. The page turner thriller culminates in a chase by FBI and Nuclear Scientists to track down the sleeper cell, shoot out some of the Iranians and Palestinians in the sleeper cell and disarm the device. The urban legend is that the scenario was modeled after an alleged event that occurred during the 2004 Democratic convention in Manhattan. No one is talking, but the technical bits and pieces in Timmerman’s book look too plausible for comfort.

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