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aggriprocessor-sign.jpg28immig1901.jpgAnn Corcoran has an interesting post on Refugee Resettlement Watch about who is replacing the more than 389 illegal alien Hispanic meatpackers at the nation’s largest Kosher meatpacker, Agriprocessors in Postville, Iowa. Somali Muslim men, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune are busing to Postville to seek employment at Agriprocessors.

The locals according to the Des Moines Register are upset with that prospect as, well they should. Look what happened in Emporia, Kansas and in Shelbyville, Tennessee, when Tyson Foods, was caught with a problem similar to that of Agriprocessors.

I wonder how the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish principals in Agriprocessors will deal with requests from Somali Muslim men seeking time off for prayer time and installation of wudus for ritual foot washing? Of course, the Somalis might welcome the fact that Kosher meat is also Halal under Sharia, wouldn’t they? Here’s the ironic part. The fundamentalist Somali Muslims consider Jews as enemies of Islam. Will they extract jizya from their Jewish employers for not slaughtering them? And will the Hasidic Jewish owners of Agriprocessors simply turn a blind eye to the hateful scorn of their new found legal emigrant employees and become de facto dhimmis? After all the owners of Agriprocessiors allegedly hired illegal alien kids as young as 13. Will the Postville, Iowa community confront the same severe culture shock that we that hit Emporia, Kansas and Shelbyville, Tennessee that award-winning journalist Brian Moseley has chronicled? For the answers to these questions and more. Stay tuned.

Somalis on the march to Postville, Iowa

Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch, July 29, 2008

Update: I only posted this a few minutes ago and already the story is changing. See the Des Moines Register and note that the bloom is already off the rose at Agriprocessors. Teach me to read all my e-mail from Blulitespecial before I write!

I have a pair of Somali stories for you this morning, both thanks to Blulitespecial, this is the first one.
Do you all recognize the town of Postville? It is where the Kosher meat packing plant is, Agriprocessors, the one raided by the feds in May where 389 Hispanic illegal immigrants were found working.

Word of the raid reached Minneapolis, home of the largest Somali population in the US, and Somali men are now flocking to Postville to fill the jobs vacated by the illegal workers, some of whom were apparently underaged according to a story in the
New York Times two days ago. (Continue Reading this Article)

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