[Excerpt from Video:  "Do you believe that the manifestation of Islam will be established?  Do you believe that the shari'a will dominate?  Do you believe that democracy will come under our feet, that we will destroy America, that we will destroy Britain, that all of these leaders will be under our feet?  Do you believe that?  Because if you believe that, I will see it in your actions! 

When they [non-Muslims] speak about shari'a, when they speak about the da'awah, when they speak about the Muslims, when they speak about Jihad, we should be proud to say that we are from the nation of the Prophet of Muhammad.  Whatever you people [non-Muslims] represent, we will destroy it with our own hands, and we will establish Islam over your noses.  This is the truth, my dear Muslims!  This is the way that we need to be. 

We need to start to raise the banner of Islam, my dear Muslims.  Yes, even in the UK, we need to raise the banner of Islam.  We need to start calling for shari'a on the streets of the UK.  From Mecca to Al-Madina, from the UK to Saudi Arabia, we want to establish Islam, we want to see Islam dominant.  These are the aspirations of those who believe."]
Youtube via MEMRI TV
March 16, 2011
Video Uploaded to Youtube by smugb
Uploaded January 12, 2011

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