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Abhijit Pandya

In a show of sublime national unity, France this week has begun to deport Islamic militants and radical Muslim preachers.

Considering Britain’s dithering over the deporation of Abu Qatada (above), which had the Home Secretary on her knees to the Jordanian Government, this contrasting illustration of

national pride by strength the French President Sarkozy shows how weak British politicians are on similar matters.

In a fantastic coup, French police arrested suspected Islamic militants in raids last week in towns and cities all across France.

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said:

"We do not accept Islamic extremism. This is not a new policy, however after what happened in Toulouse and Montauban we have to be more careful than ever"

This a sharp contrast to British politicians that dare not utter such words in case they lose some non-moderate Muslim votes in marginal seats.

The spineless Coalition’s weakness on this front puts all of our lives at risk, showing foreign Islamic hate-mongers that the system is too weak to really take them to task.

In France, a preacher of Malian origin was deported for promoting anti-semitism, (a popular theme amongst Islamic groups) and advocating women be secondary citizens by forcing them to wear the full face veil.

The preacher continued to affect social cohesion by telling his followers that democracy and the Western idea of toleration are evil.

Sarkozy, unlike our politicians, understands that you cannot preserve toleration by protecting the intolerance of radical Islam.

Amongst those who may be expelled are Imams from Saudi Arabia and Turkey and other preachers who call for death for those who deviate from Islam.

Sarkozy’s bold move is a triumph for the protection of Western values by excluding those who not just disagree with them, but are actively working to destroy them.

This is all the while Britain has swimming pools in East London that will expel non-Muslim women for wearing bikinis and not covering themselves up.

In contrast to France the proliferation of 'foreign rules on British soil' is surprising.

Cameron should learn. Sarkozy's ratings have inched up.

Sarkozy’s exemplary force of will to protect Western ideals, and his beloved France, show us how uninterested in protecting us from radical Islam our British politicians really are.

Link: http://pandyablog.dailymail.co.uk/2012/04/sarkozys-expulsion-of-radical-preachers-shows-us-how-weak-british-politicians-are.html

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