A judge in New York City considered sharia law and that Muslims in a foreign country who might violate sharia law by calling out an Americans name a determining factor in a case in a U.S. court. Wow.

Court Refuses Petition to Change Name to ChristIsKing (with a Special Bonus Sharia Reference).

From In re Nawadiuko, 2012 WL 4840800 (N.Y. City Civ. Ct. Oct. 1, 2012):

Currently before the court is an application by the Nwadiuko family to change their last names from Nwadiuko to “ChristIsKing” — one word with capital a C, I & K as the start of each internal word….

Interesting the petitioner parents were both born in Nigeria. Twelve Nigerian states have adopted Sharia law which does recognize blasphemy as a crime and has some severe punishments depending on the level of the blasphemy. If petitioners returned to an area of Nigeria enforcing Sharia law, members of the Islamic faith calling petitioners’ name in those areas might be committing blasphemy under Sharia law subjecting themselves to some degree of punishment. …

Professor Volokh concludes:

I think the concern about what might happen on petitioners’ travels in Nigeria is misplaced — American name change decisions ought not be influenced, I think, by other countries’ suppression of free speech and religious freedom.

So I think the court’s analysis, under the “interference with the rights of others” prong of the statute, is generally sound, though the worry about what Sharia law would do in Nigeria is not.

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