El-Watan Newspaper revealed on 18/10/2013, a list of names of the Muslim Brotherhood Lobby members in the United States. That Lobby was supporting Ousted President Mohamed Morsi during his reign, and was working hard on spreading to the American public opinion, that all Ousted President’s decisions in Egypt, were supported and welcomed by the Egyptians. (List of Names and Locations of MB Lobby in the USA is translated in English, below in this article)

The International Center for Development published through his democracy Meter in 30/6/2013, that the numbers of protests and demonstrations in Egypt, reached 9000 and 600 protests since Mohamed Morsi Ousted President reached power. Those protests started for Labors rights violations, women rights violations, freedom of speech violations…etc then ended by the demand of getting down the Brotherhood regime in Egypt.

Since Muslim Brotherhood reached power in Egypt, they were working hard on distracting the Egyptian Public Opinion and the international Public opinion, by addressing a totally different speech to the world, than the speech they were addressing inside Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood Lobby inside the US worked on giving the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime in Egypt, the chance to have full control on all the Egyptian State’s Joints, by distracting both Egyptians and Americans Public Opinion. Meantime, the United States and many countries in the world, acted blind and deaf about Muslim Brotherhood violations to human rights in Egypt, since Brotherhood reached power.

Muslim Brotherhood Lobby in the United States, or Muslim Brotherhood International Organisation abroad or even Muslim Brotherhood political party or loyalists and supporters in Egypt, can feel free in claiming their pure innocence Virginity in front of the whole world for 1000 years ahead, but this innocence claim of theirs, will never change the sad reality which happened and still taking place on the real ground in Egypt, and the less thing I can describe Brotherhood practices with, is Muslim Brotherhood are Pure Evil, and Egypt has saved the world from that pure evil. But the question remains unanswered :  When are you going to wake up America, to see with your eyes, that Pure evil growing in the United States?!

Just to refresh your memory a little bitMuslim Brotherhood denied on 13/5/2012, that their Political Party (Freedom and Justice Party) has launched a Medical convoy in some of the Egyptian cities, for Female genital mutilation. Nothing new about Muslim Brotherhood usual denial to all their crimes against not only women, but also Children, Christians and Humanity.

Muslim Brotherhood Political Party Freedom and Justice Partys Campaign for Female genital mutilation in Egyptian Cities 300x218 The Muslim Brotherhood Lobby In The United States of America

Muslim Brotherhood Political Party Freedom and Justice Party’s Campaign for Female genital mutilation in Egyptian Cities

The translation of the above screenshot: Symbol of Muslim Brotherhood Political Party (Freedom and Justice Party and under it They typed ” We carry all the Good things for Egypt!”).

The Freedom and Justice Party is honored to announce the launching of Annual Medical Convoy, which include all specialties with a very symbolic cheap price amount 5 Egyptian pounds only, which will be on Friday 20/4/2012 after the Fridays Prayers in an Azhary Islamic institution. then the table in the screenshot shows different doctors specialties. at the bottom of the table schedule, where there is a red box, it says, Remarks:We receive all Males and females genital mutilation which cost 30 Egyptian Pounds only, for the single case.

For booking: Please book starting from Tuesday 17/4/2012 until Thursday 19/4/2012, in the headquarter of the Freedom and Justice Party in Abu Aziz down town, daily from 4:00 afternoon till 9:00 evening!!! I leave comments to the readers. 

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Eman Nabin
October 19, 2013

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