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On Memorial Day, CAIR officials Zahra Biloo and Dawud Walid questioned whether fallen US troops should be honored by Memorial Day. Biloo even said that she "struggles with Memorial Day every year". Walid asked "should that person be honored?" in his tweet.



The White House said Tuesday the U.S. is preparing to send a team to Nigeria to help the government in the search for nearly 300 schoolgirls abducted from their school more than three weeks ago. 

Press Secretary Jay Carney said Secretary of State John Kerry made the offer during a conversation Tuesday with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. He said the Nigerian president "welcomed" Kerry's offer to send a team to discuss assistance, and that the U.S. embassy is prepared to form an "interdisciplinary team" to provide expertise on everything from intelligence to investigations to hostage-negotiations. 

He said the team would include U.S. military and law enforcement personnel. Stressing that the kidnappings happened 22 days ago, he said: "Time is of the essence. Appropriate action must be taken to locate and to free these young women before they are trafficked or killed."

He urged the Nigerian government to ensure that it is using all available resources to ensure the safe return of the girls. 

President Obama and Kerry were to discuss the issue at a White House meeting Tuesday afternoon. 

The development comes as Boko Haram, the group of militants responsible for last month's mass kidnapping, seized eight more girls on Monday.

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Today’s decision by Speaker Boehner to create a special, short term Benghazi committee is proof positive of the power of the individual citizen. The fight to learn the truth about the 2012 Benghazi attacks has been a top priority of ACT! for America for the last year-and-a-half. A BIG THANK YOU to Rep. Frank Wolf and our 280,000 members for not backing down until Congress did the right thing. We need to remain vigilant during the coming days as the special committee begins its work. We will not rest until Americans get the answers they deserve about this heinous attack, including why the American electorate was misled.

More secret 9/11 documents identified, but FBI has yet to turn them over to judge

By Dan Christensen and Anthony Summers for the Miami Herald

Contradicting an earlier assertion made under oath by a senior FBI official, an attorney for the Justice Department said Wednesday that the FBI has identified four more boxes of “classified” 9/11 documents held by its Tampa field office.

The government, however, has yet to comply with a federal judge’s orders Friday that it turn over copies of that massive9/11 file — now said to total 27 boxes — for his personal inspection.

U.S. District Judge William J. Zloch issued those orders in a Freedom of Information lawsuit brought by seeking records about the FBI’s investigation into apparent pre-9/11 terrorist activity in Sarasota.

In an email to the news organization’s attorney, Thomas Julin, Miami Assistant U.S. Attorney Dexter Lee said the government was prepared to file the documents with the court last Friday “as ordered.” The Justice Department, however, determined that Zloch’s chambers do not have a safe with “storage capability for classified documents.”

“The plan at present is to deliver the safe [which can hold four boxes] on Thursday, May 1, 2014, along with the first four boxes of classified materials,” Lee said. “When the court has completed its review of the four boxes, chambers will be contacted and I will deliver four more boxes, as well as retrieving the material already reviewed.”

Lee said, too, that he will deliver to the court on Friday CD ROMs containing scanned versions of the classified documents.


The government’s piecemeal document delivery plan deviates substantially from Zloch’s orders, which require the production of photocopies of the FBI’s entire 9/11Tampa file all at once. If approved, it would delay the production of records to the judge for inspection by weeks or months.

The existence of four additional boxes of 9/11 records could add to any delay.

Lee’s disclosure about the additional four boxes calls into question the accuracy of the sworn declaration submitted to the court two weeks ago by FBI records section chief David M. Hardy.

Hardy told the court that the entire Tampa 9/11 “sub file” was “comprised of 23 boxes of records” including “a substantial, but undetermined amount of material classified at the ‘secret’ level.” Prosecutor Lee did not explain why the file is now said to be 27 boxes.

The FBI probe that is the focus of the Freedom of Information lawsuit focused on a Saudi family with ties to the Royal Family and apparent connections to some of the 9/11 hijackers, including ringleader Mohamed Atta, and former Broward resident and currently suspected al Qaeda leader Adnan Shukrijumah.

The investigation began after neighbors in the upscale south Sarasota gated community of Prestancia called authorities to report that Abulaziz al-Hijji and his wife, Anoud, had suddenly moved out of their home two weeks before 9/11, leaving behind cars, furniture, clothing and food in the kitchen.

Sources have said agents later found gatehouse logs and photographs of license tags and phone records showing that Atta, Shukrijumah and others had visited the al-Hijji’s home.

Al-Hijji, who later worked for the European subsidiary of the state oil company Saudi Aramco, told London’s Daily Telegraph last year that he condemned the terror attacks and had no involvement in them. The FBI has said publicly that its Sarasota investigation found no evidence connecting the family to either the hijackers or the 9/11 plot.

The FBI, however, kept the investigation secret until first disclosed it in September 2011.

Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, who co-chaired Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, has said that the FBI did not disclose the existence of the Sarasota investigation to either the Joint Inquiry or the subsequent 9/11 Commission.

The FOIA lawsuit was filed in September 2012 after the FBI denied administrative requests for the release of its records about the matter. In March 2013, the government unexpectedly released more than two-dozen heavily censored records that nevertheless undercut the bureau’s previous public denials.

The documents state that the Sarasota Saudis had “many connections” to

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