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comment by Jerry Gordon

tractor_attack_82031607.jpgA cufi wearing crazed Arab Muslim fundamentalist snatches keys to a tractor at a construction site careens into several cars, nearly overturns a bus, injures 16 people, almost severing the leg of one victim, before being shot and killed by a civilian. All this in an area I know well, Moshe Yemin in West Jerusalem near the famous Windmill overlooking the walls of David’s citadel. Obviously this shehada was copying Husam Taysir Dwayat who on July 2nd killed several Israelis, injured more than four dozen others before being shot and killed by a young IDF solider, himself a victim of Israeli police actions during the 2005 Gush Katif expulsion from Gaza. Now Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski says that perhaps they should reconsider employing Arabs from East Jerusalem by denying permits to operate buses and construction vehicles. What is that careworn expression? Oh yes, Dog bites man first time, dog’s fault, second time, man’s fault. Of course the dopey media conflates this to mean that perhaps this crazed Jihadi was out to get…Obama. Problem is, the political media rock star doesn’t arrive till this evening in Israel. The hotel where Obama will be staying at is a few hundred meters from the site of this rampage on King David Street. One thing though. I would be curious to know the identity of the civilian was who had the wits and the weapon to kill the bulldozer driver. He’s the hero today in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Post and AP, July 22, 2008

Sixteen people were wounded, one of them moderately, as a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in central Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon in an apparent attempt to recreate the terror attack in the capital earlier this month.

The vehicle reportedly left a construction site near Yemin Moshe neighborhood and set off towards Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapa’amon), near the corner of Keren Hayesod and King David streets. It drove a distance of approximately 160 meters, attempting to overturn a bus and crashing into four other vehicles - one of which it flipped over. The man was then shot dead by a civilian and a border policeman.

The wounded were evacuated to hospitals in the capital.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police sealed off possible escape routes into east Jerusalem and were searching for two suspects who fled the scene.

The attack took place in a busy part of downtown Jerusalem, several hundred meters from the luxury hotel where US presidential candidate Barack Obama is supposed to stay Tuesday night as he kicks off a visit to Israel.

The bus that was hit, No. 13, was of the same line of the one that was overturned in the previous attack.

“I was driving on the main road when the (construction vehicle) hit me in the rear, on the right hand side,” the driver of the bus, who was not identified, told Channel 10 TV.

“After I passed him he turned round, made a U-turn and rammed the windows twice with the shovel. The third time he aimed for my head, he came up to my window and I swerved to the right, otherwise I would have gone to meet my maker,” he said.

Witness Moshe Shimshi said the driver, who was wearing a large, white skullcap commonly worn by religious Muslims, slammed into the side of the bus, then sped away and went for a car.

“He didn’t yell anything, he just kept ramming into cars,” Shimshi said.

The driver then headed for cars waiting at a red light “and rammed into them with all his might,” he added.

Channel 10 TV said a mother and her baby were wounded. Israeli rescue services said they had evacuated one person whose leg was partially severed; Israel media said he was in the car that was overturned.

“This was another attempt to murder innocent people in a senseless act of terrorism,” said government spokesman Mark Regev. “All people who believe in peace and reconciliation must unequivocally condemn this attack. Unfortunately, it is clear that we as a society will have to remain vigilant against terrorism.”

Minutes after the attack, the driver, wearing shorts and black shoes, was sprawled backward in the construction vehicle’s cabin, his legs dangling lifelessly.

On July 2, a resident of east Jerusalem rammed a bulldozer into cars, buses and pedestrians on one of Jerusalem’s busiest streets, killing three people and wounding at least 45 others - including a six-month-old baby girl - before being shot dead by security personnel.

The attack began at noon when Husam Taysir Dwayat, a 30-year-old resident of the southeast neighborhood of Sur Bahir, drove out of a nearby light rail construction site and plowed his Caterpillar vehicle into anything and anyone, first on Rehov Sarei Yisrael and then on Jaffa Road, overturning a No. 13 Egged bus, flattening half a dozen cars and leaving destruction and carnage in his wake.

Etgar Lefkovits contributed to this report


comment by Jerry Gordon

A tip of the chapeau to Catherine M for sending us this BBC story.

al-yazid.jpgdanish-embasshy-in-pakistan.jpgAl Qaeda must be feeling pretty ballsy with the local media in Pakistan these days. Here’s a BBC story about the appearance on a Pakistani TV news interview on the GEO channel there with Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, another Egyptian Jihadi commander of Afghanistan operations against our troops there. This BBC account indicates the interview was conducted in the contested Afghan In this interview, al-Yazid takes credit for the monstrous suicide bombing on June 2nd of the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan that slaughtered fellow Muslims. He deemed it a proper action for al Qaeda. I notice that al-Yazid is still alive and that he has free access to Pakistani media. Next time he wants a gloating interview, we should endeavor to track him and use a Predator to take him out. That is, if we have the intelligence to find, fix and you know the rest.

By M Ilyas Khan BBC-Karachi , July 22, 2008

The man believed to be al-Qaeda’s commander of operations in Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, has given a rare television interview.

He confirmed to the Pakistani TV station Geo that al-Qaeda carried out the June bombing of the Danish embassy in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

Geo say the interview was carried out in the Afghan province of Khost.

This is the first interview granted by a senior al-Qaeda member to the independent media since 2002.

It was conducted by Geo TV’s reporter Najib Ahmad in an undisclosed location in Khost, in the east of the country.


Mustafa Abu al-Yazid is also known by the alias Sheikh Saeed.

All the victims of the Danish embassy attack were Muslims

The 53-year-old Egyptian, wearing a commando jacket, a white turban and dyed beard, spoke to the camera in Arabic, holding a Geo microphone in hand.

He confirmed that an al-Qaeda operative carried out the 2 June suicide attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad.

“We are proud of that attack, and I had congratulated my colleagues for conducting it successfully,” he said.

“We had chosen a time for the attack when there would be no innocent Muslims around,” he added. All of the eight people who died in the attack were reported to have been Muslims.

Shortly after the attack Mustafa Abu al-Yazid said on the internet that the attack was in revenge for the reprinting by Danish newspapers of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad considered blasphemous by many Muslims.

‘Properly involved’

Mustafa Abu al-Yazid is understood to be the operational commander of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan - a position which the Western intelligence community has long viewed as pivotal to the planning and execution of militant attacks around the world.

He is also reported to have managed the finances for the 11 September, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.

He told the Geo interviewer that al-Qaeda was “properly involved” in those attacks, as well as the 1998 attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Mustafa Abu al-Yazid also denounced the Pakistani government for fighting Islamic militants, justified suicide attacks and predicted victory for Taleban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.

He is believed to be an al-Qaeda veteran who was jailed in Egypt in 1982 in connection with the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

He is thought to have climbed to the number three position in al-Qaeda about a year ago when his predecessor, Abu Ubaida al-Masri, died of hepatitis in Pakistan.

This is the first interview given by a senior al-Qaeda figure since May 2002, when two key figures in the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh, were questioned by a reporter for the al-Jazeera television channel.


Comment by Jerry Gordon

semi-trailer-trucks.jpgA tip of the chapeau to Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch for sending us this story. Here is a dangerous scam prosecuted by the US Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri involving a cabal of Bosnians and Somalis and a commercial drivers school getting false commercial drivers licenses to these brothers in the ummah to hustle semi-trailers down the Interstate carrying what? So, what was Muslim Brothers and Sisters Trucking doing with these fraudulent driving licenses? Were they shipping AK-47’s as we posted on a story out in Fort Wayne, Indiana or perhaps Khat, a class A drug favored by Somali Muslims in several different cities in the US or perhaps counterfeit brand name clothes to sell on the black market and cop the profits to send home to Muslim charities fomenting terrorist groups? Who knows? Is this the ground version of those civilian pilot training schools that the 9/11 perpetrators attended here in the US? Worthy of an investigation if the FBI had its head screwed on properly.

Just Look at the list of those indicted in this Kansas City report and make up your own scenario.

    Co-defendant Abdulfatah Osman Farah, 26, a citizen of Somalia living in Kansas City, pleaded guilty on Dec. 10, 2007. Farah admitted that he obtained a CDL after testing at SCCC on Dec. 28, 2004. According to the plea agreement, May administered the CDL driving test. While Farah took two of the three portions of the driving test, White drove the tractor-trailer in order to assist Farah in successfully completing the last portion of the driving test. May then certified that Farah had passed his driving test, and sent a copy of the certifying document to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Afterward, Farah assisted White in taking students to SCCC in order to obtain a CDL in the same way. On several occasions, Farah simulated a driving test with May’s assistance, in order to help those students pass the CDL test.

    Co-defendant Ahmed Muhidin Sharif, 29, a citizen of Somalia living in Kansas City, pleaded guilty on Nov. 9, 2007. Sharif assisted White by transporting students from Muslim Brothers and Sisters truck driving school to SCCC, knowing that May would fraudulently administer the competency tests. Sharif made about 15 trips in which he transported 70 to 80 students of Somali descent to West Plains in order to fraudulently obtain CDLs. Sharif knew that the tests were being fraudulently administered by May, and observed May give incomplete or inadequate CDL driving tests to the students.

    Co-defendant Abdiwahab Mohamud Mohamed, 39, a citizen of Somalia living in Minneapolis, Minn., pleaded guilty on Oct. 31, 2007. Mohamed, who had fraudulently obtained a CDL after purportedly testing at SCCC, directed students from the state of Minnesota to SCCC in order to obtain fraudulent CDLs. Mohamed was directed to White by an acquaintance in Minnesota who informed him that White’s school would only cost $800, as opposed to the $5,000 for a legitimate CDL school in Minnesota. White took Mohamed to SCCC, where he was tested by May. Mohamed, who had never driven a tractor-trailer prior to traveling to West Plains, drove a tractor-trailer around the parking lot at SCCC for 10 minutes. Normally the CDL test takes two hours to complete.

by Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement Watch, July 22, 2008

ou will be outraged by this story! Ponder it as you zip along a busy highway in your little hybrid surrounded by 16-wheelers traveling at 60 plus miles an hour, and thank ever-watchful blulitespecial for tipping us all off to this story.

Muslim Brothers and Sisters Trucking is (was) made up of drivers hailing from Somalia and Bosnia (our refugee program supplying labor for jobs Americans won’t do?) who were never qualified to drive a big rig thanks to this scam busted by the US Attorneys Office in Missouri.

A former superintendent of a truck driving school in West Plains pleaded guilty in federal court today to his role in a scheme that provided fraudulent commercial driver’s licenses to large numbers of Somali and Bosnian nationals, said John F. Wood, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Read the whole story here. It is a detailed anatomy of a scam of major proportion. Some of those busted are going to prison, but you can bet they never caught all those students who are now spread throughout the US driving a rig on the highway next to you.

And then there is the larger question, what is in those tractor trailers?


comment by Jerry Gordon

brian-moseley-picture.jpgBrian Mosely, whom I interviewed for the New English Review in February in an article entitled, “Somalis, Shelbyville and Severe Culture Shock” had submitted a five part series on the Somali refugee problem confronting his Middle Tennessee community for a prestigious statewide AP award. Darn if he didn’t win it this week bringing honor to himself and his courageous news paper, the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, whose editor is a stand up guy, as is Brian. In place of the pusillanimous press ducking serious issues like this on both coasts and even large cities in-between, Mosely didn’t. We hope that he goes on to cop a national AP award, if not a Pulitzer prize, if only the New York Times that controls who gets the Pulitzers would relent. When I queried Mosely about his honor, he wrote back and said: “Thanks! Success is the best revenge against my detractors…”

by Rebecca Bynum, The Iconoclast, July 21, 2008

NER readers are familiar with the work of Brian Mosely who was interviewed by Jerry Gordon here.

Shelbyville Times Gazette (hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch):

NASHVILLE — Times-Gazette staff writer Brian Mosely received the state’s top award for investigative reporting by The Associated Press Saturday night, highlighting a total of 18 awards won by the paper in the state’s two major press competitions held this weekend.

Mosely was honored with the Malcolm Law Memorial Award for Investigative Reporting for his five-part series published in December of last year chronicling the influx of Somali refugees to Bedford County.

The Law award for investigative reporting was established by the Tennessee Associated Press Managing Editors in 1973 to honor Malcolm Law, associate editor of The Jackson Sun, who died in December 1972. The award is recognized as one of the most prestigious awards given for journalistic accomplishment in Tennessee.

The judge wrote “… a solid and thorough example of community journalism … (Mosely) looked at the issue of Somali immigration from several angles.”


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