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comment by Jerry Gordon

amil-imani-freedom-of-iran.jpgAmil Imani has brought us evidence of the cruelty and savagery that the Mahdist shia have done to his native Iran. In this article on Freedom for Iran, Imani chronicles the barbarity and savagery to women in Arabia and Egypt and to the despised B’ha’i in Iran. His comments are a trope, a prelude if you will, to the core message in the forthcoming book by my colleague, Brigitte Gabriel, “They Must be Stopped: how to defeat radical Islam.” Except what Imani is saying in this article it is Islam, forget the radical part.

Witness these comments:

    Truth is not always welcome and can often be greatly disturbing. But truth is the best weapon against evil and falsehood. When I point out the horrific teachings of the Quran, I don’t make them up. I cite surahs from their holy book, surahs that exhort the Muslims to carry out all kinds of evil deeds against non-Muslims. This book of Allah is a license to kill. When I point out that Muhammad set terrible examples for his followers by his own deeds, I cite from their own sources to document my assertion.

    Is there anyone in this messed-up world who doesn’t read, see, or hear about the daily Islamic atrocities performed by these savages, with every act justified on the basis of Allah’s holy book?

    Qur’an 8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    Qur’an 33:26 “Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before.”

By: Amil Imani, Freedom for Iran, July 18, 2008

I am bombarded by hate and threats by the Allah-fearing fanatics, simply because I speak the truth about Islam. If telling the truth about Islam is Islam bashing, then mea culpa.

Question: Does Islam get a pass because it is a religion? Who says Islam is a religion? Millions do? What is the evidence? The words of masses of brainwashed carriers of the Islamic virus, transmitted to them by their parents, are worthless as evidence. What counts is the irrefutable fact that this creed, claimed to be the one and only religion of Allah, has been and continues to be a source of great suffering for non-Muslims as well as the ignorant masses of Muslims themselves. (Continue reading this Article)


comment by Jerry Gordon

noor-and-mahboob-alonethumbnail1.pngThe “Karachi Kids” film about American Muslim boys being transformed into Taliban robots by intrepid filmaker Inram Raza has caught fire. This IBD editorial poses questions that we have raised in frequents posts after the return of the two Atlanta boys, Noor and Mahboo Kahn who were recruited by a xenophobic Pakistan Deobandi Mufti Mohammad Naeem. We questioned why his Jamia Binoria Madrassa has an office in New York and why he enters the US on an H-1 visa as a ‘cleric’ to get American Pakistani born parents to offer up their children to this fire breathing death cult, only to have them transformed into terrorist wannabes.

Witness these comments from the IBD editorial:

    The pupils, some as young as 8, spend years locked inside these cults reciting the Muslim holy book for hours on end. They learn “Islam, only Islam,” the mufti says.

    An English translation of his school’s mission statement reveals its goal is to send Western students back to their home countries to spread extremism. “The outgoing scholars of the Jamia are fighting a crusade against infidels and pagans,” Naeem states.

    Astonishingly, the U.S. has the most enrollees at the nine madrassas run by Jamia Binoria of any country outside Pakistan.

    The outrage raises a number of questions, including:

    Why has Naeem’s U.S. visa been renewed each year? For that matter, why isn’t he on the no-fly list? Why aren’t we demanding Islamabad stop renewing the visas of American students to his madrassas? What share, if any, of the billions in U.S. aid to Islamabad is used to support these madrassas? Who is monitoring these radicalized graduates as they return to America to preach or partake in jihad?


comment by Jerry Gordon

atomic-bomb-blast.jpgPaul Weyrich in this article is articulating the underground speculations that Al Qaeda had purchased several suitcase sized nuclear devices from corrupt Russian military sources in central Asia and has secreted them into the US for a series of “Hiroshimas”. He also has raised the specter of an Iranian Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) low yield nuclear explosion in a position off the east coast using a Scud missile launched from a container ship or freighter. He and Congressional EMP Commission head William Graham has recently articulated what that could do to the US-destroy our military and industrial infrastructure and power grid resulting in an economic cost of an estimated $770 billion converting this country into an instant ‘destroyed nation’.

Ken Timmerman’s scenario in his novel “Honor Killing” is an even more plausible scenario. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard under tight security load a miniaturized nuclear device onto to freighter at the Port of Bandar Abbas bound for South Africa to pick up armored vehicles that then get shipped to port of Maracaibo in Venezuela and hence to another vessel that offloads the device onto a mini sub off Chesapeake Bay. Then, a sleeper cell and technical experts preoare the device to be loaded onto a pizza truck for ultimate detonation during a Washington DC Fourth of July celebration. The page turner thriller culminates in a chase by FBI and Nuclear Scientists to track down the sleeper cell, shoot out some of the Iranians and Palestinians in the sleeper cell and disarm the device. The urban legend is that the scenario was modeled after an alleged event that occurred during the 2004 Democratic convention in Manhattan. No one is talking, but the technical bits and pieces in Timmerman’s book look too plausible for comfort.


by Jerry Gordon, The Iconoclast, July 17, 2008

lieberman-picture.gifA few days ago we posted a comment on the introduction by Senators Lieberman, Collins and Cantwell of federal legislation to rein in the speculative energy commodities trading that has fueled the oil bubble: S 3248, the Commodity Speculation Reform Act of 2008. Last week propelled by rumors of Middle East preparation for a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and a terrorist attack on oil facilities in the gulf of Niger, the price of a barrel of crude oil had spiked to more than $147.00. We pondered whether the oil bubble had finally peaked.

Then, this week, almost audibly, the air began to seep out of the oil bubble. The world media credits it to drops in demand in the US and the adverse rumblings by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke before Congress about worsening stagflation reflected in the ramp up of wholesale prices in June coupled with airlines and refineries balking at purchasing oil futures contracts at $150. The result was the 10 % reduction in the benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures prices in NYMEX trading by more than $15.00 over the past three trading days to close at $129.29 a barrel today.

Yesterday, Harry Reid US Senate Majority leader introduced a bill, S3268 - Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act that incorporated many of the provisions in Senator Lieberman’s proposal, with which we concurred. As noted in an email from Senator Lieberman staff:

The legislation captures the essential concepts laid out in S. 3248, the Commodity Speculation Reform Act of 2008 introduced by Senators Lieberman, Collins, and Cantwell last week. It includes broad-based speculative position limits that apply to commodity holdings wherever they are, and directs the CFTC to apply specific criteria to eliminate excessive speculation.
Is this a mere coincidence that the oil bubble is deflating now that Congress has finally ramped up pressure on speculative energy trading in the commodity markets? We don’t know. However, volatility over the last week bespeaks of the beginnings of a possible energy market slide. Is this perhaps a reflection of underlying economic realities. If the Independent Senator from Connecticut hadn’t taken the lead on reforming energy futures speculation by institutional investors, threatened to close the Swaps loophole, demanded daily reporting of OTC and overseas markets trading , and bucked up the CFTC to exercise its regulatory responsibility, that hissing noise on the trading floors of NYMEX might not have been heard, today.

July 17th, 2008 at 9:42 • Jerry GordonSenator Lieb

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