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comment by Jerry Gordon

chesnoffhead.jpgThe Forgotten Refugees they are called. Watch the trailer for the film about their plight and story, here. They are the more than 900,000 Jews expelled from Arab lands after the start of Israel’s War for Independence in 1948. Richard Cheznoff in this Jewish World Review article compares and contrasts the success of absorption of Jews expelled from Arab lands with properties confiscated estimated at being worth over $200 billion today, with the failure to absorb 500 to 600,000 Palestinian Arab refugees ,now grown to over 4 million, huddled in those eyesores-the UNWRA refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and, as we found recently, Iraq. The forgotten Jewish refugees from Arab lands were absorbed by the world Jewish community in Israel and the West without a penny of assistance from the UN or from the US government. Contrast that with the annual half billion budget for the UNWRA eyesores teaching Arab children to hate and harboring terrorists on the payrolls. The UNWRA program has been going onb for over 60 years, with most of the donations coming from Western countries and minimal amounts from wealthy Arab oil sheikdoms. Why our government donates $150 million annually to maintain the third generation of Arab refugees and their descendants from the 1948 Arab Israeli War in these UNWRA camps is beyond comprehension. Save for one aspect. It is propaganda to put the guilt of their alleged expulsion onto the West to force a peace agreement with Israel with billions in compensation, something Saudi Arabia and the wealthy oil Sheikdoms could take care of in a nanosecond, but won’t. Why? Because that would mean recognition of the Jewish state in their midst.

by Richard Z. Cheznoff, Jewish World Review, July 24, 2008

Israel’s birth 60 years ago produced two refugee problems that still haunt us. One we all know about: the flight of some 650,000 Palestinian Arabs from what is now the Jewish state. Most fled out of fear of war, others because they were urged to make way for “victorious” Arab armies, and some — but certainly not most — because Israeli troops drove them out in the heat of battle.

Most other mid-20th century refugee problems were quickly settled (the millions who simulataneously fled Pakistan and India, for example). But the Arab refugee problem has merely festered. Eager to maintain the Jewish character of its sliver of Mideast land, Israel allowed only a handful to repatriate. No Arab state has ever granted them a permanent home, let alone citizenship . Instead, masses of Palestinian refugees have been kept permanently penned up inside overcrowded refugee camps, living off massive international welfare doles, playing the political pawn, and waiting for Israel to die so they can invoke their “Right of Return”. According to UN sources, Palestinian refugees now number more than 4 million.

Compare that to the other, lesser know refugee crisis that coincided with Israel’s birth — the forced exodus of some 900,000 Jews from their centuries old homes in the Arab world; from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Aden, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia , Algeria and Morocco.

These were communities rich in culture, with their own Judeo dialects and traditions, their own rich religious literature, thought and scholars.

To be sure, Jews in the Arab world were occasionally subject to outbreaks of violence, forced conversion and never accepted as anything but Dhimmi — protected second class citizens. Still, this vast Jewish community flourished, most especially in the late fifteenth century when thousands of Sephardic Jews fled the persecutions of Spain and the rest of southern Europe for the relative peace of the Islamic world.

By 1947, close to a million Jews lived in the Arab world. Many played primary roles in local economies, global trade, and medicine. Some became senior advisors to Emirs and Sultans and helped enrich the cities of the Arab world ((EG Baghdad’s pre 1948 Chamber of Commerce was 50% Jewish).

The historic decision to establish the State of Israel changed all that. Outraged by the idea of a Jewish state in their midst, the Arab world turned against its Jews, targeting them with legislated discrimination, government sponsored anti-Semitic riots and murderous pogroms. Faced with growing threats, outright violence and government moves to completely disenfranchise them, close to 900,000 Jews were forced to abandon their ancient homes.

Almost all were allowed to leave only on condition they signed agreements never to return and — most important — to leave their property and belongings behind. Recently uncovered documents indicate that much of this massive theft was a coordinated scheme by several Arab governments to grab Jewish property worth as much as $100 billion.

Today, with the exception of small communal pockets in Morocco, the Arab world is effectively Judenrein. Egypt which once had 180,000 Jews now has only a handful of mostly aged Jews living in Cairo and Alexandria; Iraq which had 160,000 Jews now has 20, Libya and most other Arab states have none.

But here comes the difference between the fates of Arab and Jewish refugees. While the corrupt Arab world condemned Palestinian Arabs to statelessness, squandered chance after chance to make peace with Israel and stole mega-millions in welfare funds, the Jewish state and the world Jewish community worked tirelessly to resettle its fellow Jews from Arab lands. More than half a million have settled in Israel where, after early years of economic and sometimes social hardship, they and their descendants have been successfully integrated and now form more than 50% of the Jewish population. Others found new homes in South America, Western Europe, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada — rebuilding lives while trying to retain their own unique cultural ties and communal institutions.

Most important, not a single Jew from the Arab world remains a “refugee”, not one lives in a squalid camp or demands a “Right of Return” to the Arab world. Above all, not one angry Arab Jewish terrorist has ever strapped a suicide bomb to his or her waist and climbed aboard an Arab bus to murder dozens of innocents.

Next time someone moans to you about the plight of Arab refugees, remind them that there still is another way. And that compensation works in two directions.



“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.

But it cannot survive treason from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly.

But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he seeks to infect the foundation so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman orator and statesman, circa 45 B.C.

Burqa-Clad Woman Denied French Citizenship

A French court’s decision last month not to grant French citizenship to a burqa-clad Muslim woman provided a ray of hope to those willing to stand up for western values and oppose Islamization of their societies. But you would never know it according to the New York Times.

Arctic May Hold 90 Billion Barrels of Oil, U.S. Says

So tell me again, Ms. Pelosi, why are we still buying oil and paying those who are working to subjugate us?

Why Democrats don’t want to lower gas prices
Senator lets cat out of the bag on Bloomberg TV show

In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s “Money and Politics” last night, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., explained Democrats don’t want to increase supplies of oil and gasoline because they want to wean Americans off of petroleum products.

Oh really? And what effective means have they come up with to implement the weaning process? Time to get a new Congress.

Stop Honorcide

Gender apartheid is an attribute of primitive cultures. Things like honorcide, forced marriages, polygamy, or FGM are not exclusively Islamic and many so-called Muslim representatives who claim to speak for all Muslims will tell you that they have nothing to do with Islam. But let’s face it: in the West, vast majority of the incidents involve Muslims. And in countries like Saudi Arabia, the home to Mecca, gender apartheid is legalized.


“I strongly believe the MTA should pull the ads,” said Rep. Peter King (R-LI), a ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee. “They are especially shameful because the ads will be running during the seventh anniversary of September 11, and because the subways are considered a primary target of terrorists.”

Tehran welcomes arrest of former Bosnian Serb leader

“We hope that arrest of other war criminals, involved in such inhumane catastrophes, that have hurt conscience of the international community, will to some extent soothe the sufferings of people in the region,” he announced. Qashqavi also hoped that a fair tribunal will be held to unveil to the world people the covert and untold dimensions of the war crimes and genocide perpetrated against Bosnians.

What about the war crimes and genocide perpetrated against the rest of us every day in the name of Jihad?

Obama heckled as he makes a surprise visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall

One worshipper chanted “Obama, Jerusalem is not for sale” and “Jerusalem is our land” as the Illinois senator stood at the wall, a relic of the ancient Jewish temple destroyed during Roman rule nearly 2,000 years ago.

comment by Jerry Gordon

8704221.jpg941828.jpgAmerica is behind the curve when it comes to nuclear power generation. As John Perazzo notes in this FrontPageMagazine article, the rest of the industrialized world has sprinted ahead of us. Witness this comment:

    Although nuclear power is still controversial in the U.S., other nations have long relied on nuclear infrastructures. France generates nearly 80 percent of its electricity via nuclear power, as does Lithuania. The corresponding figures for other countries include 55 percent in Belgium, 50 percent in Sweden, 41 percent in Switzerland, 40 percent in South Korea, 34 percent in Japan, and 27 percent in Spain.

    Perhaps the most revolutionary benefit the U.S. could derive from nuclear power would be the ability to produce and harness mass quantities of hydrogen to fuel automobiles. Natural gas and oil are currently the most common energy sources used for producing hydrogen. But nuclear reactors are unmatched in their capacity to do the two things most necessary for the efficient, cost-effective production of hydrogen: generating both electricity and very high temperatures.

Who were responsible for creating the ‘hysteria’ that put us behind the proverbial eight-ball when it came to nuclear energy in the US? Why known other than ‘Calamity’ Jane Fonda and the crazed environmentalists. Jane Fonda starred along with the young Michael Douglas in the 1979 film, ‘The China Syndrome” a fictional version of the later Chernobyl ‘meltdown’ in April 1986 that caused thousands of radiation deaths. The “China Syndrome” film came out nearly coincident with the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant (TMI) ‘incident’ in southeastern Pennsylvania. TMI ramped up fears that radiation leaks would sicken and kills hundreds if not thousands. 29 years later there wasn’t significant radiation released against normal background radiation in the atmosphere around TMI equal to half that received in an X-ray.

Nuclear power has nearly a 50 year track record of operating our US Navy vessels without incident. Moreover it is a safer industry than coal mining that provides the bulk of fossil fuel for our utility plants around the country. Look at this comment from the Perazzo FrontPage Magazine opinion piece:

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American nuclear plants have long been safer workplaces than most other manufacturing plants. The nuclear industry’s safety record is far better than that of the competing coal industry, for instance. Each year in the United States, an average of 33 coal miners die in the line of work, yet there have been no calls to end coal mining on grounds that it is too dangerous. In other nations, the numbers are much worse. During Chernobyl’s heyday, thousands of men were killed in coal mining accidents in the Soviet Union. In China, some 5,000 coal miners perish in accidents each and every year. Since the dawn of the nuclear era, the world’s 400-plus civilian nuclear plants have logged well over 10,000 aggregate years of activity, and Chernobyl remains the only accident ever to have harmed members of the public. In addition, the U.S. Navy has been powering ships with nuclear reactors for more than 50 years and has experienced no nuclear accidents.

And for ‘greenies’ like former Vice President Al Gore pushing ‘renewable energy’ nuclear power generation alleviates some major environmental headaches, as Perazzo notes:

    Nuclear energy offers an extremely clean, cost-effective alternative to those fossil fuels. Nuclear plants put no carbon dioxide into the air, and the relatively miniscule quantities of radioactive waste they produce are stored in sealed, self-contained, carefully guarded sites. A coal-fired plant releases 100 times more radioactive material than an equivalent nuclear reactor—and not into a self-contained storage site but directly into the atmosphere. By generating electricity whose production otherwise would have required the use of fossil fuels, the 104 nuclear plants now operating in the U.S. prevent the release of approximately 700 million additional tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year; that is the equivalent of removing 96 percent of all passenger cars from U.S. roads.

    If not for nuclear energy, America’s dependence on foreign oil would be even greater than it currently is. During the 1973 oil embargo, nuclear technology produced only 5 percent of the U.S. electric supply, while oil accounted for 17 percent. Today those figures are 19 percent and 2 percent, respectively. If more nuclear plants are constructed, they could replace coal and natural gas as America’s major source of electricity production.

So, Al Gore and Boone Pickens with their renewable energy and wind power alternatives, wake up! Nuclear power is safer, cleaner and offer the ultimate source of hydrogen fuel for our vehicles. In the interim, we could plug in electric hybrid vehicles every night powered by nuclear plants and get up to 100 MPG. So, what are we waiting for. Let’s get those estimated 141 new nuclear plants built and pout on-stream, pronto. That way we can forego transferring billions of our our wealth to those fundamentalist Arab Muslim regimes supporting terrorism against us.

By John Perazzo, FrontPageMagazine, July 24, 2008

Something was amiss when Al Gore gave his high-profile speech on global warming last week, and it wasn’t just the gas-guzzling SUV caravan that delivered the former vice president for the occasion. Even as Gore endorsed an ambitious 10-year plan to produce 100 percent of the country’s electricity through carbon-free sources, he omitted the one carbon-free source that truly could ease America’s energy woes: nuclear power. That is not entirely surprising. For the environmental Left, the efficiency of nuclear power has long been an inconvenient truth.

The anti-nuclear campaign scored its first major success in 1979. That year, environmental activists effectively brought the construction of American nuclear power plants to a halt. Their crusade was assisted immeasurably by The China Syndrome, an intellectually vapid film whose star, anti-nuclear activist Jane Fonda, played a TV reporter who uncovers a nuclear accident at a California power plant. In an unfortunate coincidence for America’s nuclear industry, twelve days after the film’s release, an accident did in fact occur at the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear plant in Pennsylvania. Almost overnight, nuclear power plants became politically radioactive. All plans for the construction of additional plants were cancelled.

Fonda was “ecstatic” at the film’s commercial success, which was due in large measure to the public curiosity sparked by the TMI incident. But in the anti-nuclear hysteria that followed, some crucial details were lost. If Three Mile Island was a disaster, it was largely in terms of public relations: the meltdown had resulted in no injuries and precisely zero deaths – indeed, there was no sign of harm to any living thing in the plant’s vicinity. The worst that occurred was that the two million residents in the surrounding were exposed to approximately one-sixth the amount of radiation that they would have absorbed from a single chest X-ray at their local hospital. Thanks to the plant’s built-in safety features, the public was never in danger.

Seven years later, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine injected the anti-nuclear movement with a new burst of self-righteous momentum. That incident resulted directly in the deaths of more than 30 people, and it exposed millions more to radiation that, by the highest estimates, could eventually result in several thousand cancer-related deaths. Moreover, it rendered some 20 square miles of land uninhabitable for an extended period.

Seizing on this most welcome bad news, anti-nuclear alarmists carefully avoided drawing attention to the fact that the Soviet reactor in Chernobyl was an outmoded relic: it bore no resemblance to the reactors that used in the West. Most notably, it lacked containment shells to prevent radioactive materials from escaping in the event of an accident. The far superior Western reactors were equipped not only with such safeguards, but also with numerous built-in sensors designed to shut down the plant immediately in the event of trouble.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American nuclear plants have long been safer workplaces than most other manufacturing plants. The nuclear industry’s safety record is far better than that of the competing coal industry, for instance. Each year in the United States, an average of 33 coal miners die in the line of work, yet there have been no calls to end coal mining on grounds that it is too dangerous. In other nations, the numbers are much worse. During Chernobyl’s heyday, thousands of men were killed in coal mining accidents in the Soviet Union. In China, some 5,000 coal miners perish in accidents each and every year. Since the dawn of the nuclear era, the world’s 400-plus civilian nuclear plants have logged well over 10,000 aggregate years of activity, and Chernobyl remains the only accident ever to have harmed members of the public. In addition, the U.S. Navy has been powering ships with nuclear reactors for more than 50 years and has experienced no nuclear accidents. (Continue Reading this Article)

July 24th, 2008 at 2:47 • opinionFrontPageMagazine

comment by Jerry Gordon

lieberman-picture.gifThe following was a note sent to Senator Joe Lieberman’s Washington Senate office, Chief of State, Ms. Clarine Nardi Riddle following his appearance as a key speaker at the CUFI Washington Summit for Israel on Tuesday night. It mirrors some of the comments made by Senator Lieberman in this Jerusalem Post article, notwithstanding the swirl of alleged controversy surrounding Pastor Hagee’s views.


    I received a call from my colleague Brigitte Gabriel , this morning. She along with other mutual friends had attended last night’s stunning CUFI dinner in Washington.

    Having attended and written about the first CUFI Washington Summit for Israel in 2006, I know first hand the overwhelming palpable love and support for Israel and for Jews.

    I was pleased that my friend, the Senator spoke there last night. He showed the mainstream media and the Jewish community and press what friendship means. He also showed that you don’t abandon friends, even when you may disagree on certain issues.

    Hagee had no need to redeem himself despite the fact that among his followers, a few believe that he is not ‘bearing witness’ and proselytizing among American Jews.

    Because of Hagee’s earnest, deep abiding love for Israel and the Jewish people and the tens of millions of Christian Evangelical Americans, including many that I have met and befriended both in Connecticut and here in Florida, Israel has enormous support.

    Both Sen. Lieberman and my colleague Brigitte Gabriel are among those who demonstrate solidarity and are not intimidated by the ministers of misinformation in the media.

    Kol hakavod (all honors) to the Senator, Brigitte Gabriel and you.

by Hilary Leila Krieger, JPost Washington Correspondent, The Jerusalem Post, July 23, 2008

Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Connecticut) backed controversial pastor John Hagee during an appearance before Hagee’s organization Tuesday night despite calls from some quarters of the Jewish community to cut ties with the preacher.

Hagee’s previous comments on the Holocaust and Catholics inflamed some Jewish and Christian groups, and also led presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain, whom Lieberman strongly supports, to reject Hagee’s endorsement earlier this year.

Lieberman, a frequent surrogate for McCain, arranged Tuesday’s appearance before Christians United for Israel independently, according to the campaign. But one campaign aide, referring to outreach among evangelicals, said, “Are we happy that he’s there? You bet we are.”

Alluding to an “aggressive campaign” to stop him from speaking at the gathering, Lieberman told the crowd that “the bond that I feel with Pastor Hagee and each and every one of you is much stronger, and I am proud to stand with you tonight.” His words elicited an extended standing ovation from the annual CUFI gathering, in town to lobby Congress to support Israel, complemented by the waving of hundreds of American and Israeli flags.

Lieberman noted that he didn’t agree with everything Hagee has said, some of which had been “hurtful and offensive to some people,” but that they agreed on more important issues.

Hagee was widely criticized when previous statements he made calling the Catholic Church “the great whore” and claiming that God allowed the Holocaust so Israel could be created surfaced this spring.

Lieberman also suggested that Hagee’s objectionable comments had been taken out of context by a media that would, he offered, have given Moses and Miriam a hard time, too.

During his remarks, Hagee lashed out more harshly at the press, with its “dark motives,” and said the organization had come through “a vicious media firestorm.” At the same time, he called for greater sensitivity and welcomed Catholics, to whom he has apologized, into CUFI. He also rejected beliefs he said were often ascribed to him in error, including the idea that his group supports Israel so that it will “usher in the endtimes” by bringing all the Jews to Israel or that he wants to stop peace negotiations. “Israel alone decides,” he said.
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