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November 1, 2008

The Jihad We Made

By Daniel Greenfield

There is one thing that the Jihad has reliably depended on in the late 20th century, it isn't a technological or a strategic factor, but us. Because the Jihad could not be what it is without the passive collaboration and active cooperation of the civilized world.

When the West left the Middle East it left behind the tools of its own undoing, the oil industry that would funnel untold billions into the Jihadi war chest, the engineering and military training to wage war and the open borders that permit the terrorists easy access and even residency in our countries, but worst of all was what the West took along, guilt.
Family Security Matters
October 28, 2008

Jihad and the Relativist Enemy within

Jeffrey Imm

In Washington D.C., when you go to the main city subway station (Metro Center), you will be surrounded by numerous advertisements showing images of Washington D.C. destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. The source of these images is the same source as images promoted on Jihadist web sites in May 2008. On May 29, 2008, the Daily Mail and other media reported that "SITE also released a computer-generated image, showing Washington D.C. in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, which reportedly appeared on an Islamist forum."


Jihadists don't have to go to their websites to see their dream images of a destroyed Washington D.C., Bethesda Softworks will sell them a game with loops of such images to inspire them. Or Jihadists only need to visit the Washington D.C. subway for such "inspirational" images. At a minimum, one would think that such horrific images assaulting national capital subway riders would at least have been viewed as in poor taste and judgment
, even without knowledge of the promotion of "Fallout 3" images on Jihadist web sites. But such common sense, like our values, is now "relative." This disgusting spectacle in the D.C. subway system is just the latest warning flag of out-of-control relativism among some of our public and our leaders.
The Dallas Morning News
October 30, 2008
Holy Land jurors get a sample of Hamas martyr propaganda

Jason Trahan
Jurors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial on Thursday saw some disturbing examples of Hamas propaganda glorifying young suicide bombers.

The poster ... is one of several that the Israeli military confiscated from the offices of the Islamic Charitable Society of Hebron, one of several groups in the Palestinian territories that received millions of dollars from Holy Land.

"Avi," one of two anonymous Israeli government witnesses, continued his testimony Thursday that these charity groups were fronts for Hamas, not only because of Hamas propaganda found there, but also because they were led by known Hamas operatives.
IPT News

October 23, 2008
Expert Witness: Social Support a Staple of Terrorist Groups

DALLAS – Successful terrorist organizations throughout history have used social wings as a means of building popular support, an internationally-recognized terrorism expert said Thursday. Bruce Hoffman, a professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a former Scholar-in-Residence at the CIA, testified in the trial of five men accused of funneling millions of dollars to social support organizations controlled by Hamas.

Hoffman's testimony did not delve into specific charges or evidence against the former officials of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). Rather, Hoffman was a prosecution expert, outlining the structure of terrorist movements like Hizballah in Lebanon and the Irish Republican Army. Terrorist organizations that do not have a social arm, said Hoffman, historically are the "least consequential."

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