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September 24, 2008

Ignoring radical Islam will lead to peril

"Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West," a Liberty Film Festival winner for best feature documentary film in DVD form, is a must-see movie for anyone.

The president of the Hudson Institute, a respected think tank, writes, "If you haven't seen it, you should! And if you have seen it, you should insist that others see it as well. Our future may depend on it." United States Naval War College Professor Jeffrey Norwitz sees it as "expertly produced with solid historic research; ... every viewer regardless of background will learn something."
Citizen Warrior
October 5, 2008

Farewell Israel

I JUST FINISHED watching the documentary, Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and The Revolt of Islam. I liked most of it, and I think it will be a useful tool for us citizen warriors who want to help educate and motivate our fellow kafirs to join us in stopping Islam's relentless encroachment
( ).

The first half is very good. It covers the history of Islam from the beginning, putting emphasis on how Muhammad and then his followers treated kafirs — particularly Jews. The presentation was very fair and straightforward. If anything, I thought they were a little generous toward Islam. For example, in describing a major attack on the Muslims at Medina, the narrator failed to mention why Mecca was attacking (Mecca was a major trading city, with caravans arriving all the time, and Muhammad and his Muslims kept attacking the caravan, killing their business and killing their people). But maybe this point wasn't necessary.
Citizen Warrior
October 8, 2008
Waging Jihad by Gaining Concessions

IF YOUR GOAL was the eventual overthrow of the government and establishing Shari'a Law as the law of the land, but you didn't have a large enough majority to do it by voting or by force, how could you do it? One good way would be to keep pressing for small, incremental concessions. And when you gain one, to hold it, and try to gain another.

And if you were using this strategy, what is the first concession you'd try to gain? I think it would be to establish laws and cultural norms that prohibit criticism of your group or its goals in speech or writing. This could effectively prevent an organized effort to block the next concessions you try to gain.

I believe that is exactly what Muslims are trying to do.


How the West Was Lost?

By Jamie Glazov

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Hasan Mahmud, the Director of Sharia Law at the Muslim Canadian Congress (  ) . He played a vital role in the successful movement against the Toronto Sharia Court. The court had been established in 1991 (and functioning since then) with the blessing of Ontario law and was banned in 2003 when the Ontario Government enacted a new law banning all faith-courts. He has authored books, debates, docudramas and a DocuMovie on Sharia. He has also spoken on Sharia in various conferences in Europe, North America and Asia.

FP: Hasan Mahmud, welcome to FrontPage Interview.

Mahmud: Thanks and Salam to all. It is sad that we are forced to spend part of our resources and attention to address man-made problems when millions suffer due to natural calamities such as food-shortage, famine, epidemic, unemployment, earthquake, Tsunami and so on.

FP: We’re here today to discuss Sharia Law and your group’s opposition to it. Let’s begin with why you, as a Muslim, oppose Sharia Law.

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