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comment by Jerry Gordon

2366034210_3370c4c2fc.jpgr1594836880.jpgIsrael’s domestic intelligence arm, Shin Bet made arrests of six suspects endeavoring to set up an Al Qaeda cell for the purpose of plotting to take down President Bush’s helicopter when he was in Jerusalem this past May for the celebration of Israel’s 60th. This may explain why Bush took a road trip to Ramallah in the West bank to visit with PA President Mahmoud Abbas. This arrest follows a previous one of two Bedouins who were trying to set up an Al Qaeda attack group. I noticed that the one of suspects arrested used his cell phone to take pictures of possible landing areas. Another suspect queried Al Qaeda web sites seeking training on how to take down a helicopter. The Reuters account doesn’t state whether the suspects in this plot to attack President Bush’s helicopter were West Bank Palestinians or Israeli Arabs. If the latter, there are over 50,000 Hamas sympathizers in an extremist group, the Northern Branch of the so-called Islamic Movement. That is a large enough contingent to constitute a veritable fifth column inside Israel. Shin Bet must have lots to do to keep these Jihadi wannabes under constant surveillance inside the Jewish state.

July 18, 2008

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel accused six Arabs on Friday of trying to set up an al Qaeda cell in Israel and said one of them had proposed attacking helicopters used during a visit by President George W. Bush.

Israel’s Shin Bet counter-intelligence agency said one of the suspects had used his mobile phone to film helicopters at a sports stadium in Jerusalem that was used as a landing site for Bush’s delegation.

The suspect then posted queries on Web sites frequented by al Qaeda operatives, asking for guidance on how to shoot down the helicopters, the agency said in a statement.

Bush visited Israel in January and again in May.

Lawyers for the six suspects could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Shin Bet identified four of the suspects as Palestinian residents of Arab East Jerusalem and two as Israeli Arabs.

The Shin Bet said the men had met several times at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque, seeking to organize a local al Qaeda network. The agency said computers seized from several of the suspects contained bomb-making manuals.

Earlier this month, Israel indicted two of its Bedouin Arab citizens for links to al Qaeda and for planning attacks inside the Jewish state.


by Jerry Gordon

Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch sent me two ‘gems’ on how to resolve the Palestinian Refugee ‘problem’.

200px-yossi_beilin.jpgIn the first ‘gem’, there is a report that Yossi Beilin, a Member of the extreme leftist Meretz party in Israel’s Knesset, and former Justice Minister in the late assassinated Israeli PM Itzhak Rabin’s cabinet, has a brilliant proposal regarding resolving the ‘rights of return’ dilemma for Palestinian Refugees. You know the approximately 4 million refugees huddled in those several UNWRA eyesore camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, yearning to take back their villages and towns in what is now Israel after their 400,000 ancestors skampered during the 1948 War for Independence. The US government in its infinite wisdom donates over $150 million annually for the upkeep of these vipers nests inciting children to hate and harboring terrorists on UNWRA payrolls. Beilin has an interesting track record. During the late Rabin’s regime in Israel, he helped to secretly negotiate the now discredited Oslo Accords. Then he and former Knesset Speaker, Avraham Burg, who is in exile in France, negotiated the faux Geneva Accords with PA representatives that was all show and no go back in 2003. Now Beilin argues that some of those Palestinian Refugees should go to the EU, er EURABIA. I’m sure that is all the Europeans need with their restive Muslim population is a group of 100,000 Palestinian refugees and Muslim fundamentalists to add to their already heightened concern about home grown Islamic terrorists.

farooq-kathwari.jpgThen there is the other gem, reported by the RRW about a different group of Palestinian Refugees, 34,000 living in camps in northern Iraq. You may recall that the late Saddam Hussein invited in tens of thousands of Palestinians to serve as laborers, technicians and terrorists in training. Now an NGO in Washington, DC, Refugees International (RI) is suggesting that the US bring these Palestinians here. If any group of legal humanitarian refugees deserve priority it is the more than half millions Assyrian Chaldean Christians who fled Iraq because of death threats by Iraqi Muslims. So, why would a group like RI even suggest something so patently ridiculous as to bring Palestinian refugees from Iraq to America. Probably, because a prominent and influential member of the RI board is none other than, Farooq Kathwari the Kashmiri Muslim CEO of furniture manufacturer and retailer, Ethan Allen, Inc. of Danbury, Connecticut. Kathwari, you may recall lost a son in Afghanistan in the early 1990’s when the latter went there to become a Mujahideen. Kathwari was also a Trustee of Freedom House, where he objected strenuously to Nina Shea’s pioneering study of Saudi text books. Shea and colleague Paul Marshall decamped and formed the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. Kathwari was a key speaker at the 2004 annual meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood front group, The Islamic Society of North America . So, it is only natural that Kathwari prevailed on his fellow bleeding heart board members on the RI board to push for entry by these Palestinian refugees in Iraq to come to, where else, here.

Actually there’s an easier solution. For starters pack the Iraqi Palestinian Refugees into lorries and drive them across the desert to neighboring Jordan, already a de facto Palestinian state, and dump them there.



“There is in every true woman’s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.”

Washington Irving

Obama: 9-11 attacks happened because al-Qaida lacks ‘empathy’

Senator lectures U.S. military, blames terror on ‘poverty, ignorance, despair’

Oh, do tell Senator Obama. I guess that’s why there are so many Muslim medical doctors who have been arrested for promoting jihad.

McCain’s war buddy riles Muslims

A war buddy of John McCain’s upset Muslims by comparing them to terrorists, creating another headache for the Republican presidential candidate bedeviled by misstatements from some of his surrogates.

”This is as close to racist as it gets. These are cheap street tactics,” said Khaled Saffuri, who helped organize Arab outreach for President Bush’s 2000 campaign but is now a Libertarian. “Even if this is called a mistake or a slip of the tongue, it shows a bigger problem with racism. McCain and the Republican party should denounce this.”

Flash News Bulletin: Islam is not a race, but what makes me think you already knew that?

The 8-Million Muslim Lie

Since Muslim Keith Ellison’s election to Congress, there’s been a lot of noise in the media about the growing clout of the 8 million-Muslim electorate. Eight million?
Oh-my-gosh, did CAIR lie? (Again?)

A child killer’s homecoming

Most Americans are familiar with the brutal murder of wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer on the cruise ship Achille Laura in 1985. Terrorists led by Abu Abbas (who was later given safe haven in Baghdad by Saddam Hussein) took the ship captive and threw Klinghoffer overboard. But few recall that the ship was seized to bargain for the release of, among others, Samir Kuntar from an Israeli prison.


comment by Jerry Gordon

captnyol91207180050terror_threat_nyol912.jpgDHS Secretary Michael Chertoff appeared before a House Homeland Security Committee to speak of concerns of how al Qaeda might use European bred terrorists with legitimate E passports to gain entry to the US for possible attacks. Under our current ’swiss cheese’ citizens of EU countries with valid passports can skip through our immigration and passport controls, as they get the benefit of the so-called Easy Visa loophole. Then Chertoff went on to address what DHS is doing about addressing possible infiltration of of radiation materials for constructing ‘dirty bombs’ by flying them in via light planes or small boats. Perhaps, given some errant Colombians caught off the coast of Mexico with seven tons of high grade cocaine in a small sub, that we might be on the look out for that as well, eh? After all isn’t that a piece in Ken Timmerman’s ‘Honor Killing” scenario that I posted on yesterday?

by Eileen Sullivan, AP, July 18, 2008

WASHINGTON - European terrorists are trying to enter the United States with European Union passports, and there is no guarantee officials will catch them every time, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday.

Chertoff’s comments on Capitol Hill comes as the country is entering a potentially vulnerable period with the presidential nominating conventions coming up next month; the presidential election in November; and the transition to a new administration in January — all of which may be attractive targets for terrorists.

In his last scheduled appearance before the House Homeland Security Committee, Chertoff said that the more time and space al-Qaida and its allies have to recruit, train, experiment and plan, the more problems the U.S. and Europe will face down the road.

“The terrorists are deliberately focusing on people who have legitimate Western European passports, who don’t appear to have records as terrorists,” Chertoff told lawmakers. “I have a good degree of confidence we can catch people coming in. But I have to tell you … there’s no guarantee. And they are working very hard to slip by us.”

Chertoff and other intelligence officials have delivered similar warnings before, and he offered no new information about specific threats or an imminent attack.

Chertoff reiterated his concern that terrorists could sneak radiological material into the country on small boats or private aircraft. This material could be used to create an explosive device known as a “dirty bomb.”

The Homeland Security Department has a strategy to protect against this small boat vulnerability and is testing radiation detection equipment in Seattle and San Diego ports.

Chertoff said that getting out a regulation to prescreen and enhance security of general aviation aircraft coming to the U.S. from overseas is one of his top priorities.

He also said he expects to approve new radiation detection technology this fall.

Responding to a question from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, Chertoff dismissed any rumor that he is on a list of potential running mates for Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Chertoff quipped that the only list he has for next year is a list of vacations.

Chertoff’s term as the country’s second Homeland Security Secretary ends when a new administration takes over the White House in January.

July 19th, 2008 at 6:17 • DHS Secretary Chertoffeuro-terr

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