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El-Watan Newspaper revealed on 18/10/2013, a list of names of the Muslim Brotherhood Lobby members in the United States. That Lobby was supporting Ousted President Mohamed Morsi during his reign, and was working hard on spreading to the American public opinion, that all Ousted President’s decisions in Egypt, were supported and welcomed by the Egyptians. (List of Names and Locations of MB Lobby in the USA is translated in English, below in this article)

The International Center for Development published through his democracy Meter in 30/6/2013, that the numbers of protests and demonstrations in Egypt, reached 9000 and 600 protests since Mohamed Morsi Ousted President reached power. Those protests started for Labors rights violations, women rights violations, freedom of speech violations…etc then ended by the demand of getting down the Brotherhood regime in Egypt.

Since Muslim Brotherhood reached power in Egypt, they were working hard on distracting the Egyptian Public Opinion and the international Public opinion, by addressing a totally different speech to the world, than the speech they were addressing inside Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood Lobby inside the US worked on giving the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime in Egypt, the chance to have full control on all the Egyptian State’s Joints, by distracting both Egyptians and Americans Public Opinion. Meantime, the United States and many countries in the world, acted blind and deaf about Muslim Brotherhood violations to human rights in Egypt, since Brotherhood reached power.

Muslim Brotherhood Lobby in the United States, or Muslim Brotherhood International Organisation abroad or even Muslim Brotherhood political party or loyalists and supporters in Egypt, can feel free in claiming their pure innocence Virginity in front of the whole world for 1000 years ahead, but this innocence claim of theirs, will never change the sad reality which happened and still taking place on the real ground in Egypt, and the less thing I can describe Brotherhood practices with, is Muslim Brotherhood are Pure Evil, and Egypt has saved the world from that pure evil. But the question remains unanswered :  When are you going to wake up America, to see with your eyes, that Pure evil growing in the United States?!

Just to refresh your memory a little bitMuslim Brotherhood denied on 13/5/2012, that their Political Party (Freedom and Justice Party) has launched a Medical convoy in some of the Egyptian cities, for Female genital mutilation. Nothing new about Muslim Brotherhood usual denial to all their crimes against not only women, but also Children, Christians and Humanity.

Muslim Brotherhood Political Party Freedom and Justice Partys Campaign for Female genital mutilation in Egyptian Cities 300x218 The Muslim Brotherhood Lobby In The United States of America

Muslim Brotherhood Political Party Freedom and Justice Party’s Campaign for Female genital mutilation in Egyptian Cities

The translation of the above screenshot: Symbol of Muslim Brotherhood Political Party (Freedom and Justice Party and under it They typed ” We carry all the Good things for Egypt!”).

The Freedom and Justice Party is honored to announce the launching of Annual Medical Convoy, which include all specialties with a very symbolic cheap price amount 5 Egyptian pounds only, which will be on Friday 20/4/2012 after the Fridays Prayers in an Azhary Islamic institution. then the table in the screenshot shows different doctors specialties. at the bottom of the table schedule, where there is a red box, it says, Remarks:We receive all Males and females genital mutilation which cost 30 Egyptian Pounds only, for the single case.

For booking: Please book starting from Tuesday 17/4/2012 until Thursday 19/4/2012, in the headquarter of the Freedom and Justice Party in Abu Aziz down town, daily from 4:00 afternoon till 9:00 evening!!! I leave comments to the readers. 

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Eman Nabin
October 19, 2013


Artists sketch of Zeas court appearance on Friday.

A multi-count indictment of an alleged homegrown jihadist was unsealed on Friday charging the suspect with conspiracy to provide material support to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, according to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

The five-count indictment charges Marcos Alonso Zea, a/k/a “Ali Zea,” a U.S. citizen who lives in Brentwood, New York, with conspiracy to commit murder, attempting to provide material support to terrorists, attempting to provide material support to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as Ansar al-Sharia (AQAP/AAS), and obstruction and attempted obstruction of justice.

The 25-year-old Zea was arrested Friday morning at his Brentwood home on Long Island and arraigned in the afternoon before United States Magistrate Judge Arlene Lindsay at the federal courthouse in Central Islip, New York, also on Long Island.

According to the indictment and other court filings, starting in the fall of 2011, Zea conspired with other suspected homegrown radical Muslims to travel overseas assist in waging violent jihad on the "enemies of Islam," which includes the secular government of Yemen.

According to the FBI, on Jan. 4, 2012, Zea flew from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in Queens, New York, to Heathrow Airport in London, England, on his way to Yemen to join and fight for AQAP/AAS, a group designated as foreign terrorist organization by both the U.S. State and Treasury Departments.

The al-Qaeda branch claims responsibility for several terrorist attacks against the United States, including the attempted Christmas Day 2009 bombing of a Detroit-bound passenger plane.

According to the indictment, Zea was intercepted by customs officials in the United Kingdom (UK) sent back to the United States, where he continued his active role in the terrorist conspiracy. For example, Zea encouraged and supported a co-conspirator, Justin Kaliebe, who also was planning to wage jihad in Yemen.

In August 2012, in a covertly recorded conversation between Zea and Kaliebe, Zea bragged about his lies to British authorities when he was detained, instructed Kaliebe regarding methods to evade electronic surveillance by law enforcement authorities, and discussed Kaliebe’s plans to fight jihad.

On Jan. 21, 2013, the 18-year-old Kaliebe attempted to fly from New York to Yemen to join AQAP/AAS but he was captured at JFK Airport by members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and the NYPD’s Intelligence Division.

Kaliebe subsequently pled guilty to one count of attempting to provide material support to terrorists and one count of attempting to provide material support to AQAP/AAS. Kaliebe is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 6, 2013, by United States District Judge Arthur D. Spatt in United States District Court in Central Islip, according to a Justice Department report.

“Despite being born and raised in the United States, Zea allegedly betrayed his country and attempted to travel to Yemen in order to join a terrorist organization and commit murder,” stated U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

“When that plan was thwarted, Zea continued to support terrorism by assisting his co-conspirator’s efforts to travel to Yemen to fight violent jihad. When the defendant sensed investigators from the JTTF closing in, he engaged in a desperate effort to cover his tracks by attempting to destroy evidence -- a tactic that only confirmed his violent aims," Lynch said.

New York's Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “Aspirants with lethal intent who seek terror training abroad are of paramount concern. Fortunately, like Kaliebe before him, Zea was stopped due to the close cooperation between the NYPD and FBI.”

The Examiner
Jim Kouri
October 19, 2013

In its quest to criminalize speech that’s critical of all Islam-related topics, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)* endorsed the formation of a new oic summit cairo 02 06 2013-450x346Advisory Media Committee to address “Islamophobia.”

This past September, the OIC held “The First International Conference on Islamophobia: Law & Media.”  The conference endorsed numerous recommendations which arose from prior workshops on Islamophobia from media, legal and political perspectives.  A main conclusion was the consensus to institutionalize the conference and create an Advisory Media Committee to meet under the newly established OIC Media Forum based in Istanbul Turkey.

Supposedly, the purpose of the conference was to support an OIC campaign to “correct the image of Islam and Muslims in Europe and North America.”  By this, it means to whitewash the intolerant, violent and discriminatory aspects of Islam and Islamists.  The OIC has launched a campaign to provide disinformation to the public, delinking all Islam from these undesirable traits and attacks all who insist on these truths, as bigots, racists and Islamophobes.

The OIC is a 57 member organization consisting of Muslim countries whose long term goal is the worldwide implementation of Sharia law and seemingly the ultimate establishment of a Caliphate.  Its members tend to vote together as a block in the UN, so it is extremely powerful, despite the fact that few people have heard of it.

Its present goal is the international
criminalization of all speech that “defames” Islam, which the OIC defines as anything that sheds a negative light on Islam or Muslims, even when it’s true.

Its target is the West and one of its tactics is to accuse those who criticize Islam or its various interpretations as “Islamophobic.”  It is attempting to pass the equivalent of Islamic blasphemy codes in the West, using accusations of bigotry to silence anyone who speaks the truth about Islamic terrorism or Islamic persecution of religious minorities.

The OIC uses international bodies such as the UN and international “consensus building” as a platform to achieve its goals.  Certainly, if the OIC straightforwardly informed America and Europe of its aspirations to silence speech, it would gain no strides.  Therefore, it uses bureaucratic, unaccountable entities such as the UN as a means to make inroads, using watered down language and words that sound palatable to the West in order to deceive the public about its underlying goals.

Unfortunately, the OIC has been fairly successful in passing UN resolutions that if implemented, would have the effect of stifling speech that “defames religions.”  Of course, the OIC is only concerned with the defamation of Islam.  Indeed, OIC countries all have some sort of Islamic blasphemy laws which prohibit such defamation.  To be certain, these laws are regularly used to criminally punish those who speak critically of Islam.  These laws are also used to justify persecution of religious minorities.  For example, in many OIC countries, openly practicing a version of Islam not sanctioned by the government can land one in jail for blasphemy.  The OIC has no reciprocity in refraining from “defamation” of Judaism, Christianity, or other religions.

After the US realized that the UN resolution to Combat Defamation of Religions had a potentially disastrous impact on free expression, the US State Department asked the OIC to draft an alternative resolution that would address “Islamophobia” concerns and still retain free speech.  The OIC produced Resolution 16/18 to Combat Intolerance Based on Religion or Belief. Initially, the State Department interpreted this resolution to protect religious minorities of all stripes from discrimination and violence, while still retaining freedom of speech.

The OIC, however, has made it clear that it clings to its goal to protect Islam from so-called defamation.  Indeed, it has manipulated the language in resolution to do just that.

Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, spokesman for the OIC Secretary General has explained that the OIC’s goal is to make “denigration of religions” a crime. Somehow, over time, the State Department appears to have adopted the OIC’s view that the West is Islamophobic and that Islam is a religion of peace which should never be associated with terrorism.  Toward this end, the Obama Administration has completely purged all its counterterrorism training programs from any mention of Islamic terrorism.  Only “right-wing extremists” persist in using the term, and of course are “Islamophobes” for doing so.

The OIC’s claims that it seeks to protect all religions and religious symbols from defamation are patently false and are contrary to the actions of the OIC countries which discriminate against infidels.  In Saudi Arabia, Jews are denied citizenship; in Iran, Baha’is are denied equal employment opportunities; in Pakistan, Ahmadiyya Muslims are jailed for openly practicing their faith, and there’s a genocide against Coptic Christians in Egypt.  Many OIC countries also prohibit the building or repair of churches and synagogues as well as public worship by minority religions.

The September meeting constituted the third Istanbul Conference:  international meetings designed to implement Resolution 16/18 in support of the OIC’s agenda to combat “Islamophobia” in the West.

If the OIC really wanted to combat Islamophobia, it would persuade terrorists to refrain from violence; it would condemn the genocide of Coptic Christians in Egypt and it would spare little girls from forced marriages in OIC countries. The OIC has the power to stop the denigration of Jewish, Christian, Zorastrian and Baha’i religious symbols in the OIC countries.  It can pressure IC member states to implement domestic policies that will honor and respect minority religions in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Do this, and “Islamophobia” in the West will dissipate.

Instead, the OIC requests that the media censor their reports about Islamic terrorism, Islamic persecution of religious minorities and human rights violations committed in the name of Islam, as an interim step toward the criminalization of such speech.  All of this will only serve to increase, not decrease “Islamophobia.”

The clash of civilizations widens.

*The Organization of Islamic Cooperation was originally called The Organization of Islamic Conference, but changed its name in 2011.  This article was commissioned by The Legal Project, an activity of the Middle East Forum.

Right Side News
Deborah Weiss, Esq
October 22, 2013

Matthew Levitt's book, Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God
Matthew Levitt's book, Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God

Terrorism expert Matthew Levitt writes that an increasing number of U.S. prison inmates have tattoos that are pro-Hezbollah or are in Farsi, the language spoken in Iran. The claim is made in Levitt’s new book, Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God.

“Law enforcement officials across the Southwest are reporting a rise in imprisoned gang members with Farsi tattoos” and some express loyalty to Hezbollah.

His book includes an eye-opening quote from another official: “You could almost pick your city and you would probably have a [Hezbollah] presence.”

Hezbollah’s business relationship with Mexican drug cartels is seen as a driving force behind the phenomenon.

In 2009, Michael Braun, former Chief of Operations for the Drug Enforcement Agency, said that Hezbollah uses “the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels.”

In April 2010, an individual named Jamal Yousef was apprehended in New York City. During interrogation, he admitted to stealing weapons from Iraq for Hezbollah. Yousef alone knew of a Hezbollah stockpile in Mexico that included 100 M-16 assault rifles, 100 AR-15 rifles, 2500 hand grenades, C4 explosives and anti-tank weapons.

An actual member of Hezbollah was captured in Tijuana in July 2010. His arrest was the smoking gun proof that Hezbollah is investing in building a network in Mexico.

An unnamed senior Mexican military officer confirmed to then-Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) that Hezbollah was giving explosives training to members of Mexican drug cartels. She wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security warning it “might lead to Israel-like car bombings of Mexican/USA border personnel or National Guard units in the border regions.”

Very shortly thereafter, a drug cartel detonated a car bomb for the first time and killed 4 people in Ciudad Juarez. It was described as having “Hezbollah-like sophistication” and a Tucson Police Department reported later said there is a “strong suspicion” that Hezbollah had traded its expertise.

Hezbollah’s presence goes further south than Mexico. The Venezuelan government has been accused of colluding with Hezbollah and Iran for years. It’s long been understood that Hezbollah operates in the tri-border area of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

The Wall Street Journal says that Hezbollah is “forging ideologically promiscuous ties with Colombia’s right-wing paramilitary groups and communist guerillas and digging tunnels for drug cartels on the Mexican-American border—the same kinds of tunnel networks it has spent years perfecting along the geographically similar Lebanese-Israeli border.”

Roger Noriega, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, could not be clearer in his urgent warnings:

“If our government and responsible partners in Latin America fail to act, I believe there will be an attack on U.S. personnel, installations or interests in the Americas as soon as Hezbollah operatives believe that they are capable of such an operation without implicating their Iranian sponsors in the crime.”

Noriega said that in 2011. That was two years ago. The threat has only grown since then.

The Clarion Project
Ryan Mauro
October 13, 2013


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