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Nothing symbolizes the Utopianism of our times like both liberals and some conservatives calling for us to cut off aid to the Egyptian military, because of the widespread killings in what is becoming a civil war in Egypt. Such utter lack of realism from the left is not new, but hearing some conservatives saying the same things takes some getting used to.

President Obama's call for the Egyptians to end the violence and form an "inclusive" government, with all factions represented, may sound good to many Americans. But there is not a snowball's chance in hell that it will happen.

Egypt existed for thousands of years before there was a United States of America. In all those millennia, Egypt has never had a free or democratic society. Nor is Egypt unique in that.

Of all the different nations that have existed at various times and places throughout recorded history, it is doubtful that even ten percent were free or democratic.

Even free and democratic nations existing today took centuries to achieve freedom and democracy. Barack Obama may have enough ego to imagine that he could accomplish, during his White House years, what took centuries to accomplish elsewhere. But do others, including some conservatives, need to share that delusion?

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Jewish World Review
By: Thomas Sowell
August 20, 2013


Earlier this week, the Copenhagen Post reported that the Copenhagen police have been conducting a covert investigation into Danish funding sources for jihadists in Syria, including those fighting with the al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusrah Front.

According to Jens Møller, the head of the Copenhagen Police's violent crime division, among the several separate cases under investigation since March is an inquiry into the activities of controversial Islamist preacher Abu Ahmed. His Quba mosque is located on the island of Amager, on the outskirts of Copenhagen and just across the water from Malmo, Sweden. He is said to have provided spiritual guidance to aspiring Danish terrorists, and the mosque's Facebook page has supported Danish jihadists in Syria and solicited funds for the Al Nusrah Front. A Salafist charitable organization, Hjælp4Syrien, is suspected to be involved in funneling money to Syrian jihadists and terror organizations in Syria.

Part of the investigation will examine operations of the Danish charity Hjælp4Syrien to try to determine the source of the funds and whether any of them have served to finance terrorism. One of the difficulties police face is the fact that some of the likely recipients, including the Al Nusrah Front, are not on the European Union terrorist blacklist.

Two days ago, the first Danish-language jihadist video from Syria appeared on the Internet, according to the Copenhagen Post. In the video, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, jihadist Abu Khattab appealed to Danish Muslims to come to Syria for jihad, calling it the "forgotten implication." Khattab is known in Salafist circles in Denmark.

Responding to news of the video, Justice Minister Morten Bødskov warned: "[S]tay far away from him and far away from Syria." He added that Denmark is "working closely with intelligence agencies of other countries, and the police are investigating these communities intensely."

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Threat Matrix

Egyptian judicial officials have ordered former President Hosni Mubarak freed from jail, a stunning turnaround for the 85-year-old strongman who ruled the nation for three decades before being ousted in a popular revolution, and a move that could plunge the unraveling North African nation into further violence.

The announcement, which comes as Egypt is roiling with new protests following the July 3 ouster of Mubarak's successor, Mohammad Morsi, stoked fears of even more violent reprisals from the Muslim Brotherhood, whose supporters have clashed with security forces and torched dozens of Coptic churches. As many as 1,000 Egyptians, including 70 soldiers and police officers,have been killed in the last week in fighting between the Muslim Brotherhood and the nation's more secular Muslims and Christians. On Sunday, some 25 Egyptian police were ambushed and executed in the lawless Sinai Peninsula, where the Muslim Brotherhood appears to have aligned with Al Qaeda fighters.

Also on Sunday, 36 Islamists died as they were being transported to a prison outside Cairo. Government officials said they suffocated in the back of a prison van after tear gas was used on them as they rioted. The Muslim Brotherhood accused the interior ministry of killing the detainees "for their opposition to the bloody military council".

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August 19, 2013

Ashraf ElKholy told the Telegraph that the Muslim Brotherhood offered Egypt a stark choice that it either exercise power or it would assert itself with violence. When the military-backed interim government displaced the Muslim Brotherhood's popularly elected leader, Mohammad Morsi, the organisation opted for confrontation with the state.

"There is no difference with what David Cameron did to deal with the demonstrations here in London," he said. "If the demonstrators don't have any weapons, the police could have reached them and taken them into custody. Nobody would have been hurt. But when the demonstrators have pistols and guns and the police are lined up with guns pointing at them, the authorities have to defend themselves. That is the difference."

Speaking in Egypt's embassy in a Mayfair townhouse, Mr Kholy compared the one-year rule of Mr Morsi to the Islamist takeover of the Iranian state after the 1979 revolution and said that, like Nazism, the Muslim Brotherhood ideology sought to dominate Egyptian society.

"Morsi was elected president and held office for one year but in that time he tried to make everything Muslim Brotherhood controlled. Egyptian culture over 5,000 years is a mix of religions and civilisations in which the Islamic religion is one ingredient of the Egyptian character," he said. "The Muslim Brotherhood are like a Nazi group that demand that everything changes and people everything to their way."

However, Mr Kholy said that the roadmap offered by the interim government for a return to democracy remained in place and that while the Muslim Brotherhood could be banned, its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, could contest the polls.

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The Telegraph
By: Damien McElroy
August 19, 2013


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