What People Are Saying

"Dear Brigitte,

I just wanted to speak to you personally and tell you how grateful I am that you've come to America. You were the right person, with the right experiences and you came at the right time. Now you are doing the right things to help this once great country try to regain it's center. You are an awesome individual with such a sincere heart. And that brain of yours. You always know just what to say. I'm proud to be part of your organization and am so happy it's beginning to build momentum. You are a testimony to me how just one (small) person can make such a huge difference! And it hasn't even started yet. The ship is just beginning to turn. Thank you, thank you, thank you - for being you."

Jeff M.

"Organizations like ACT! for America have come into existence because of the very real threat posed to free people everywhere by what some call “radical Islam” or “Islamism.”  Sadly, the response I see from too many in the Muslim world is to reflexively label such efforts as “Islamophobic” rather than conduct a serious evaluation of Islam that asks why so many non-Muslims harbor legitimate fears and concerns.  I believe the Muslim world needs to provide a peaceful understanding of the religion that unambiguously rejects the current mainstream teachings in Islam that promote hatred, discrimination, and violence.  It is the responsibility of Islamic scholars to provide such alternative teaching to Muslims before asking the world to stop engaging in so-called “Islamophobia.” 

Dr. Tawfik Hamid, author of Inside Jihad

"I was a staunch supporter of Palestinian rights and defending Islam, which I believed to be persecuted and misunderstood. I was very active in my protest against the war and what I thought was unfair treatment of Islam and Muslims. I was a very strong, vocal anti-zionist. I want you to know that you have opened my eyes and I have done a complete turn around. I am now going to call as many government officials as I possibly can and make my voice heard to help other Americans come to the same realization I have. Thank You!"

Caroline L.

"There is nothing in this world that I support more than your noble efforts on behalf of my country, my way of life and my freedom. As I e-mailed to American Congress for Truth, I read Brigitte's book and was hooked. I lost my next door neighbor on 9/11, and my wife lost her best friend on that same day. I just met someone who lost her only brother on that terrible day. I vividly remember driving home on the Belt Parkway that day and seeing the plume rising from Manhattan. Arriving home that evening, I was reluctant to clean the layer of dust from my car. The rain did that for me, and also extinguished any hope my wife had that her friend would be found alive. I'm just a working guy in NY, but this is something that occupies my thoughts every day. God bless you all, and please welcome me to the fight."

Jeff A., New York.

"Wonderful! Outstanding! Brilliant! Those are the words I would use to describe your appearance on The O'Reilly Factor"

A.S., Pine Bluff, Arkansas, after Brigitte Gabriel's appearance on 11/30/07

"You, Ms. Brigitte Gabriel, are a most remarkable and extraordinary woman. Thank you for bringing your knowledge to the American people, and for your hard work in exposing Truth. I applaud you, and appreciate you!"

M.K., Minneapolis, MN

"I am anxiously awaiting to start a chapter here in Pittsburgh. I have listened to Brigitte's story on Heritage.org and have read her book Because They Hate ... and I feel a moral obligation to educate, inform, and act in the best interests of our country as a counterbalance to the ACLU, CAIR, and other anti-American organizations who will not acknowledge the danger and continue to promote the PC "religion of peace" mantra."

C.D., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I have just finished your book, Because They Hate, and am astounded by the info you wrote. I am also ashamed because I was one of those apathatic, politically correct people. I never fully understood, or to be honest, never cared that much because I figured it's a "small" group that infiltrated its way into our country. Never realizing the enormity of the problem. I have just joined ACT and will be urging my friends to do so."


"Just want to say congratulations on the grassroots/chapter expansion endeavor."


"I am PROUD to join ACT....If there is ever anything that I can do, please feel free to let me know."

D.M., A new member

"I sincerely thank Brigitte for her INCREDIBLE BRAVERY AND HONESTY AND COURAGE!!! Please ---Please--- Please---- don't stop spreading the word---You are FANTASTIC !!! Please be safe and be careful----I am going to contribute to ACT---I hope I can do other things also."


"Go Brigitte. I heard you tonight on OReilly. Fantastic. Clear, easy to understand, factual and a passion that is needed. I will make a donation. Stay safe. Keep going, you're really having a great effect. You're really a blessed voice."

D.W., San Diego

"Your work and efforts are so much needed and appreciated. Keep up the fight against this evil that seems to be so unrecognized by so many in our world today!"

Bill K.

"I was really touched by your interview video. As a Christian Egyptian Canadian who was raised in Egypt and has lived in Canada for 16 years, I was able to relate to much of what you discussed. I wish you all the best in educating the western world on the hidden enemy they have nourished for years."

Joe S.

"I have just discovered your web site, read a little about you, and a couple of your speeches. All I can say is, Wow! I am very encouraged that God has his hand upon you, and you are being faithful to His leading. You are doing a wonderful work."

Pastor Stan L.

"Thank you so much for your work. I forwarded the terrorist warning you sent out earlier this past week to those of my friends who I thought could handle that information. Everything you do in this organization I believe is critically important, and will save lives and inform those who need to hear the real story of what is going on. Thanks again."

Jerry J.

"Thank You. I have been looking for an organization like this. I know that the media is not telling the truth, or the intellectual elite or the colleges. Thanks again. I am now more hopeful that we who are against this hatred and bigotry have a voice."

Leah Q.

"I am A Puerto Rican male born in New York and raised in Florida. I'm also a former Marine and have to say that I support you in all that you do. I heard you on the radio this morning and I have to admit it was a wake up call to me...."

Luis O.

"What you are doing is one of the best things that ever happened in America."

Gary K.

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