Thank you for your interest in the ACT for America Internship Program. intern-ad-1.pngACT for America is fully dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation of America’s leaders. Our Internship Program has been specifically designed to provide students the opportunity to gain valuable and educational experience that will not only help propel them into their careers, but also educate them on the importance of our nation’s security.

Explore the departments below to get a feel for the areas in which you could specialize. Apply today!

About ACT for America

ACT for America is the nation’s largest non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots national security organization with 400,000 members and more than 1,000 chapters around the country focused on educating, engaging, and mobilizing citizens and elected officials to impact legislative outcomes to protect America.

We’re committed to recruiting, training, and mobilizing citizens community by community to help protect and preserve American culture and to keep this nation safe.

ACT for America stands ready to take effective action as the only national security grassroots organization in America. If each of us does just a little, together we can accomplish a lot. We are America.

Opportunity & Requirements

Our internships are based on a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month pier system. Students are welcome to apply for a Spring, Summer, or Fall Internship, based on availability. There are in-office internships based out of Hampton Roads, VA as well as an internship opportunity in Washington, DC working with our lobbyist. ACT for America also offers a virtual internship opportunity.

*Requirements to apply

  • Great Attitude
  • Ability to work well under pressure and/or deadlines
  • Strong Ability to work well on a team
  • Interest in and knowledge of National Security
  • Strong American Patriotism

Internship Departments

  • Marketing – Marketing interns gain experience thinking of creative way to connect the everyday American with the mission of ACT for America through design, social media, and messaging. (Virtually Possible)
  • Tech/Website – Tech/IT and Website Interns will gain experience in website development, website research and creativity. They’ll also gain valuable skills and insights into the technology required to organize and run a large, effective grassroots operation in order to bring about real change.
  • Chapter Development – Chapter Development interns will assist in connecting with ACT for America supporters to build the grassroots community. They will learn to be leading experts in grassroots activism.  
  • Student Development – Student Development interns will specialize is helping spread awareness on college campuses, as well as exposing liberal bias. They will also guide other students in starting ACT campus chapters. (Virtually Possible)
  • Social Media/Graphic Design – Social Media and Graphic design interns will assist in creating graphics/memes to be used on ACT for America social media as well as constantly exercising creativity through design. (Virtually Possible)
  • Research/Policy/Writing- This is a D.C. based internship only – interns will attend congressional hearings, and perform research on issues and federal/state laws.   Interns will also assist with legislative-related projects for the ACT Chapter Program.
  • Fundraising- Interns will assist in proposal writing, research, spreadsheet and database analytics within the non-profit spectrum.   
  • Administrative/ Office Intern- Interns will assist in office administration, culture and professionalism. Office interns will answering phones, data entry & fulfillment.  
  • Accounting – Accounting Interns will assist in data entry and donor communications.