Make America Safe Again

What happened in this Presidential election was nothing short of world altering. In contrast to the past 8 years, we will now have a Commander-in-Chief who prioritizes the safety of the American people over politically correct dogma that endangers us all.

Many were shocked by the results of this election, and there have been a variety of theories put forth to explain the outcome.

Predictably, we’ve seen the mainstream media drone on about everything from racism, to sexism, to Islamophobia, and even Russian intervention, in an effort to explain the tidal wave of Trump voters they never saw coming.

How rich it is to have the same individuals who claimed Donald Trump could never attain the White House, throwing out lazy and idiotic theories to explain how he did.

Americans didn’t vote for Mr. Trump out of bigotry, they voted for him because they want feel safe again.

What condescending elitists in the media now realize, but refuse to admit, is that ordinary Americans saw right through their politically correct propaganda. The jig is up, and they know it.

The reality is, most Americans are not ideologues like the smug journalists who fail to understand them.

They don’t spend their time debating esoteric political philosophy, or even engaging in political debates for that matter. But what most Americans do pay attention to, is that which endangers them.

They noticed when an Islamic immigrant named Ahmad Rahami set off bombs in downtown Manhattan and New Jersey, attempting to kill as many bystanders as possible.

They noticed when a radical Islamic barbarian named Omar Mateen massacred 49 homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub.

They noticed when a man named Syed Farook and his Pakistani bride walked into an office Christmas party in San Bernardino, California and mowed down 14 ordinary Americans out of allegiance to the Islamic State.

They remembered Chattanooga. They remembered the Boston Marathon. They remembered Fort Hood. They remembered 9/11.

But when the average American went into that voting booth, they didn’t merely remember how unsafe these events made them feel, but also how the mainstream media tried to scorn and shame them for their fear.

We are a country made up of overwhelmingly loving and tolerant people. But that tolerance has its limits. For those who refuse to assimilate into our Western way of life, and would seek to destroy it, Americans have no tolerance.

Rather than telling the American people the truth about the ever-growing threat of radical Islam, smug elitists in the media, and our current Divider-in-Chief felt that deception, and actively attacking those who rightly expressed their fear was an effective strategy.

Obama and his media lackeys played these games about the threats we face because the nature in which they exist does not conform to their delusional, far-left narrative of the world.

They do not believe, or did not want the public to know the truth, that not all cultures or religions are equal.

Therefore, we should all be elated that we will finally have a President in Donald Trump, who understands how nonsensical it is to import broad swaths of un-vetted Islamic “refugees,” when we have absolutely no verifiable way of knowing who they are.

The American people know how vulnerable Obama’s politically correct policies have left us, and they voted accordingly.

They grew tired of watching our TSA give enhanced airport screening to an 80-year-old nun, while a 25-year-old Saudi tourist walked through unscathed, so as not to offend, or appear intolerant.

That’s right, it just so happens the American voter understood that we have the Catholic suicide bomber threat under control.

Whether those in the White House or their New York news studio want to believe it, we are all infidels in the eyes of our enemies.

National security is not a Democrat issue, or a Republican issue, it is an American issue. The outcome of this election proves this to be the case.

So, when arrogant talking heads on television mocked President-elect Trump for his desire to build that wall, take the oil, or even bomb the expletive out of our adversaries, ordinary folks sat back and thought, “that just seems like common sense to me.”

With a President Trump, we can have borders again. We can monitor the radical Mosques. We can stop blindly importing those who could do us harm. We can put American interests first, while still remaining the beacon of democracy and Western values the rest of the world can emulate.

With our enemies as emboldened as President Obama has made them, it will take this “America First” mentality to ensure their destruction, and our survival.

Brigitte Gabriel is a terrorism analyst and a two times New York Times best-selling author of “Because They Hate” and “They Must Be Stopped”.  She is the Founder of ACT for America, the nation’s largest grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security and defeating terrorism.