Membership FAQ's

What is a premium member?

A Premium member is a paid subscriber who has joined ACT for America by either one of our current membership payment options or by previously donating to us on a monthly basis.

If you have been donating on a recurring basis of at least $5 a month, then you are considered a Premium Member.

If I have been donating in the past (Previous to June 2016), am I considered a premium member and thus have access to the secured members only portal?

If you have been giving on a monthly basis, then you are indeed a premium member, but you will still need to create your account on our website to have access.

What do you receive by joining us as a Premium (Paid) Member?

Visit our membership benefits page for more information.

How do I join as a Premium Member?

Visit and select the option that’s best for you.

Do you offer recurring billing?

Absolutely. Your credit card will automatically be billed each month beginning on the date you join and each month thereafter until you cancel. You will be billed the amount you selected when you joined. This can be increased or decreased by emailing us at

Where do I go once I have joined as a premium member?

You should receive an automatic receipt with account activation instructions. If you have not received, please check your spam folder or reach out to us at

Once you have clicked on the link within the automated email, you’ll need to create your account on the website by entering your name and contact information. Once that is complete, you’ll see an “Action Center” tab appear in the top-right part of the website.


You can always bookmark the page here as well:

Where does the money from my membership go towards?

Your hard-earned money goes directly towards educating elected officials about the most critical threats facing our nation, and helping to pass legislation that will result in making America a safer place to call home.

Thanks to you, ACT for America has helped pass 84 bills in 32 states, as well as significant federal legislation to secure our nation.

ACT for America is mobilizing the nation through our grassroots activist network, to empower citizens desiring to affect real change in their own communities. We are indisputably, the largest, most influential National Security grassroots advocacy organization in America.

This work would not have been possible without an elite professional staff, with extensive backgrounds in their specific fields. It requires lobbyists, publicists, field coordinators. and management. In practice, our organization also relies on your support to cover the technological, travel, and program costs, keeping our machine running full steam ahead.

We thank you immeasurably for your patriotic generosity. Such altruism is neither underappreciated, nor underutilized.

Online Account:

Why do I have to create an account on your website?

Due to a much improved website that has an all-new secured members-only portal and to take advantage of many of the new tools and resources on our site, you need to create your account to have exclusive access.

How do I create my account?

Click “Sign In” at the top left of our site:


Once there, click on “Create an account” and enter your email address:



Once you click send account activation, you’ll receive an email. Please follow instructions in the email to complete the process of creating your online ACT for America account.

You should receive an automated email with instructions on creating your account. Simply click on the link within the email and follow the instructions.

How do I sign in or do I need to?

You need to be signed in so that you have access to the secured members only portal.

Sign-in by clicking the sign-in link at top of site. You have two options of doing so, either signing in via your social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) or your email address where you’ll need your password as well.

Our site is social media friendly, so you can simply sign in using the Facebook and/or Twitter sign in boxes as long as you are logged into those accounts and after accepting the initial request, you are signed in. Now you’ll see your profile picture and bio information, which is pulled directly from your social media accounts.

Don’t worry if you don’t want this to happen! You can easily select the box to not publish your profile on the website or to simply remove or edit your bio and other information from your profile.

Click “Account settings” at the bottom center of the website:


Select “Don’t publish my profile on the website”:


If you still need further assistance, please email us at