New Generation of Leadership


Dear Patriot --

We’re proud to announce that J Craig will be taking over the leadership of the nation-wide chapter network as our Director of Field Operations. J, as most of you know has been a very important part of the ACT family since his arrival late last year. He brings with him more than 10 years of grassroots campaign experience from both a statewide and national level.

J has traveled the country working tirelessly for organizations and candidates who would fight to protect our constitutional freedoms and security, and that journey led him to ACT for America.

J has an extensive political grassroots background working for presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial, and statewide candidates. Prior to joining ACT, J helped elect Governor Matt Bevin in Kentucky after a very tight and competitive four-way primary race.

“J is a rare combination of passion, work ethic and life experience all rolled up in a young(ish) guy with a bright future. It was a pleasure to have J on my team and given the opportunity, I would work with him again. He leads by example and would be an asset to any organization seeking intelligent, self-motivated winners.”

– Matt Bevin, Kentucky Governor

Combined with J’s political grassroots experience and professional business background with each one of our beloved Chapter Leaders, we are more than confident in the future of ACT for America and our new generation of leadership. Helping to carry the baton of leadership on the Chapter Development team will be Miranda Mason and Kerry French.

Together, you will truly have a team of passionate, patriotic ambassadors here at ACT to help you succeed throughout your journey as a Chapter Leader. We are here for you. We are one. We are America.

We don’t just support the protection of America’s national security - we’re fighting for it.

We have certainly come a long way here at ACT and that is due to the tireless work and sacrifice of each one of you, but we have more work to do. Let us continue onward and upward as we fight to protect the security of our future, our communities, and our nation.

For Freedom,

ACT for America