Former FBI Counter-terrorism Expert's Strategy to Fight ISIS

ISIS Strategy: Transitioning the U.S. Into Offense

As ISIS purportedly loses its swath of land in Iraq and Syria it is clear their strategy is changing. Moving towards a decentralized and non-hierarchical approach, they will now promulgate a message that resonates with ideological followers around the world – attack wherever and however. This approach is certainly not new to the Jihadists specifically via the Islamic concept of Ijtihad (Independent reasoning). Ijtihad in certain interpretations allows and enables Jihadist attacks without hierarchical or tacit approval. As such, Jihadist attacks will most likely increase throughout the world especially in those countries that are reactive in nature. Given this new asymmetrical environment, an irregular approach to the larger ISIS problem must be undertaken and in short order. In looking at the increasingly complex nature of decentralized Jihad, the U.S. could benefit from a more proactive approach. The following offers some long term options to not only thwart ISIS activities, but to send the much needed message that the U.S. will unapologetically deal with Islamic terrorists.

Swindling Statesmen: Modern Day Snake Oil Salesmen

Ever since Canada accepted nearly 12,000 refugees, concerns have been surfacing about discord between Muslim and Western value systems. Though 60 percent of Canadians living in the province of Ontario originally supported the decision to import Syrian refugees, 75 percent now think the immigrants’ central ideologies clash with their own. Only a third in that region have a positive perception of Islam. A majority of the citizens also believe that Islam promotes violence and hatred towards non-Muslims. It required first-hand exposure for Ontarians to strip the blinders that shaded their worldview for far too long.

Terror Strikes Florida

Sunday, June 12, 2016 marks the day of the worst domestic terrorist attack in America since 9/11.  ISIS has proudly claimed responsibility for this heinous attack while following through with their promised threats by savagely attacking patrons of a popular night club in Orlando, Florida.  Omar Mateen, 29, armed and intent on murdering anything in sight, shot and killed 50 people.

FLYNN: Radical Islam Declares War on America

Radical Islam has declared war on America yet we're not allowed to describe them as our enemy. In fact, if in government and you do use this term, you are removed--which is what happened to me. 

There are over a thousand cases currently pending against members of radical Islamist groups in all fifty of the United States of America.