Tell President Barron that Hate Has No Home At Penn State

Hussain Altarakmah, a student at Penn State University has done the following:

  • Messaged a Jewish woman on Twitter that "9/11 didn't kill enough of you f%&#kers"
  • Supported Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled on Instagram
  • Said to "Death to America" in Persian (Marg bar Āmrikā)

Penn State refuses to expel this Anti-American, and Anti-Semitic student on their campus. Sign our petition below to tell President Barron that "Hate has no home at Penn State."



President Barron,

One of your students, Heseen Altarakmah, wrote a Jewish woman on Twitter, exclaiming that “9/11 didn’t kill enough of you f***ers.” Recently, Penn State released a statement that hate has no home at your university. We agree that hate has no home at Penn State. So long as Heseen Altarakmah is enrolled as a student at your university, you are willfully harboring anti-Semitism and pro-terrorism ideologies.

We demand that you immediately expel Heseen Altarakmah from Penn State University, as anti-Semitism and pro-terrorism students have no place at American universities.


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