Preserving American Culture

We believe American culture has traditionally manifested as one part individualism and one part self-reliance mixed together in a melting pot, in which the individual cultures and values assimilated together support of an American nation. The American experiment was founded on the ideal that freedom and individuality are the right of all people, but those rights could only be preserved so long as individuals were freely willing to temper those individual rights insofar as to refrain from infringing on the rights of others. More, the American experiment required that all Americans recognized the importance of the nation that allowed for so much freedom. 

Today, America and her culture are under attack. Our enemies have actively attacked the melting pot that made us Americans. They have convinced us in some cases that it is okay to be something other than an American first. Rather than being Americans, people are now African-American, Asian-American, gay-American, or anything else you can put in front of American. We should not be a hyphenated nation.

Our enemies have now convinced us that instead of working to preserve a nation that had brought both unprecedented freedom and opportunity for its citizens, that we should instead try in vain to remake our nation to atone for past sins and global inequity that we had little or nothing to do with. 

In plain terms, preserving American culture means recognizing that we are the greatest nation on Earth and that if you are an American you must be an American first. To preserve American culture, we must take it upon ourselves to tirelessly fight for individual’s rights and freedoms while never forgetting the necessity of ensuring that our individualism only exists because we are Americans.