School Protection

Aside from those plots that have been acted upon, there have been even more plots that have been intercepted by our law enforcement, our school administrators and teachers (some who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives), as well as fellow citizens and students who have “seen something” and then “said something,” thwarting an impending attack.

ACT for America is committed to helping address this serious threat to our nation's schools and students through our School Protection Project.

Faculty and staff in our public and private schools, day care facilities, and after school programs must be educated, trained, re-trained, and mentored to ensure the safety of our nation’s children and those who educate them.

Currently, there is a lack of "active shooter" training plans or preparedness for non-law enforcement personnel (teachers, school staff, support personnel, school administrators) within our school system.

ACT for America's' School Protection Project will close that gap, mitigating the loss of life through proven techniques that will buy time, and place distance between our society’s most violent criminals and students & school personnel. Doing so will enable our schools to effectively protect both themselves and their students – our children.