January 09, 2017
Contact: Sandy Frazier

Endorsement of the Confirmation of Sen. Sessions for Attorney General


sessions.jpegAs the nation’s largest national security grassroots advocacy organization, with over 400,000 members and 1,000 chapters nationwide, ACT for America could not be prouder to endorse the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General of the United States.

Senator Sessions is a veteran, distinguished attorney, and man of the highest character, who has been defending the Constitution of the United States of America for over 40 years.

No one is more prepared to hold the office of Attorney General than a man of Senator Sessions’ impeccable track record.

After serving his country as a Captain in the United States Army, Senator Sessions continued his dedication to his nation by serving as United States Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama.

During his time serving the Southern District, Senator Sessions displayed his commitment to justice and equality by filing civil rights charges against two members of the Ku Klux Klan, for the murder of an African American man named Michael Donald.

Senator Sessions would go on to serve as Attorney General for the State of Alabama, and subsequently further his commitment to public service when he was elected to the Senate in 1996.

Shortly after his arrival in the Senate, Senator Sessions further displayed his respect and admiration for civil rights, when he co-sponsored a bill to award Rosa Parks the Congressional Gold Medal.

In addition to his commitment to upholding civil rights, Senator Sessions will be an Attorney General that understands the importance of upholding rule of law in this country.

No longer will our nation have to worry about the Justice Department blatantly ignoring the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.

When a beautiful young woman named Kate Steinle was senselessly murdered in front of her parents by five times deported, seven times convicted felon in this country illegally, Senator Sessions reinforced his long-held belief that sanctuary cities are a threat to the safety of the American public, and must be eliminated.

At a time when our country is at war with a radical Islamic adversary, it becomes critically important to have an Attorney General willing to recognize and address the threats within our own borders.

With all of this in mind, we wholeheartedly endorse the appointment of Senator Sessions for Attorney General of the United States.

There is no one better prepared, or deserving of this prestigious title and tremendous responsibility than a man with Senator Sessions’ unequivocal track record of patriotism, public service, and legal experience.

We encourage all of those who care about the safety of their country and communities to call or email members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and let them know of your ardent support for the confirmation of Senator Sessions.

You may call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for the office of a particular Senator you wish to address.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

  • Chairman - Senator Chuck Grassley (R - Iowa)
  • Ranking Member - Senator Dianne Feinstein (D - California)
  • Orrin Hatch, (R – Utah)
  • Lindsey Graham, (R - South Carolina)
  • John Cornyn, (R – Texas)
  • Mike Lee, (R – Utah)
  • Ted Cruz, (R – Texas)
  • Ben Sasse, (R – Nebraska)
  • Jeff Flake, (R – Arizona)
  • Mike Crapo, (R – Idaho)
  • Thom Tillis, (R - North Carolina)
  • John Kennedy, (R – Louisiana)
  • Patrick Leahy, (D – Vermont)
  • Dick Durbin, (D- Illinois)
  • Sheldon Whitehouse, (D - Rhode Island)
  • Amy Klobuchar, (D – Minnesota)
  • Al Franken, (D – Minnesota)
  • Chris Coons, (D – Delaware)
  • Richard Blumenthal, (D – Connecticut)
  • Mazie Hirono, (D – Hawaii)