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We need your involvement to ensure that ACT for America becomes the most formidable grassroots citizen action network in our nation.

Chapter Leader Description: A person who has made the decision to use their unique set of skills and available time to pro-actively lead a local group of people ranging from just a few friends to hundreds of volunteers towards the protection of their families, their community and their nation.

Successful Chapters Leaders: Make a difference in their communities, by educating and engaging in the arena of ideas, and motivating their local members to do the same.

For example:

  • In Texas, one of our local chapters sought and won revisions to school textbooks that painted an inaccurate picture of Islamic history.
  • In Massachusetts, our local units have worked together to promote legislation that would protect our daughters from FGM and other barbaric practices.
  • Nationally, our grassroots members convinced Congress to create the now famous Select Committee on Benghazi.

None of these things would have happened without strong, active, and engaged local chapters.

Working together, we can be agents of change in our own communities. Our leaders can ignore single voices, but when we act as one, we are impossible to ignore.

Each Chapter Leader will be given a mentor for ideas and encouragement along with suggested chapter projects through action alerts, newsletters, and a Chapter Leader Manual. You will also be granted access to our secured Chapter Leader portal with all the resources you'll need to become a successful Chapter right from the start. Just remember, this is not a sprint, but a much needed marathon.

The national office will vet each applicant before approval. Co-chapter leadership positions are also available and encouraged to enhance the strength and viability of new chapters.

Thank you for your efforts! Due to the overwhelming response, please allow 3 – 14 days for us to respond.

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